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Knitting Peace

  • This is contemporary circus built on poetry instead of stories. Wonderfully enjoyable – and with breathless moments witnessing the body's ability.


    Follow the threads to peace in an elegant stage show that marries breathtaking artistry with beautiful live soundtracks.

  • A short visit at the rehearsals

  • An International Peace Movement

    During its journey around the world, Knitting Peace has engaged and met
    peace knitters who shared their works and thoughts about knitting peace. The amount of knitting that has come in has been overwhelming and it is clear that the combination of circus, striving and knitting has grown into a movement that spans several continents.

  • Knitting Peace at a museum, party or event

    We have created Knitting Peace-inspired and personally tailored performances at, among others, the Nobel Prize Banquet, the Swedish Institute in Paris and the Army Museum in Stockholm.

2023: Våga vakna

  • A story of collective strength

    Via live music, aerial and balance acrobatics and video works, a visual world is created where the artists tackle questions on a micro and macro level about a kinder and more sustainable world.

2022: Trådar & Glas

  • Threads connect, threads repair and threads tangle. Glass can crash, glass can clank and glass can clink.

    "Trådar" and "Glas" are two performing arts experiences beyond the ordinary. We meet jugglers, acrobats and clowns in a vivid video scenography. To chamber music by composers from the Baltic Sea region, our minds are expanded in two magical circus concerts for all people aged 3-100 years.

2022: Pippi at the Circus

  • Pippi at the Circus has become happy, grand entertainment in magical light with a strong stance for the competent child.


    Björn Ulvaues and Cirkus Cirkör take on Astrid Lindgren's super classic in a newly written and spectacular circus musical.

2022: Circus Life

  • Circus life is the party of the century: a confetti bomb filled with all the goodies of the circus. Acrobats fly through the air, juggle and perform stunts as if there was no tomorrow.

    Circus Life took over the space outside Pippi at the Circus in the summer of 2022, and in 2023 goes out on a large park tour. The Circus Life of the '20s is based on a school show that toured Sweden and turned classrooms upside down during some years in the early 2000s.

2021: Circus Days and Nights

  • Philip Glass turns the circus into opera that’s magical and profound.

    L.A. Times

    Newly written opera by Philip Glass with libretto by David Henry Hwang and Tilde Björfors, based on a collection of poems by Robert Lax.

  • Philip Glass

    Philip Glass’ life’s work does not lend itself easily to summary. Reviewing his creative life, what strikes one first is his many collaborations spanning genres and media types.

  • Robert Lax

    According to The New York Times, he was one of America's most important poets. He himself left life in New York to live alone on an island in Greece. Who was Robert Lax?

The Dimensions of Circus

During the rehearsals of Circus Days and Nights we explored the different dimensions of circus.


Foto: Mats Bäcker



Foto: Mats Bäcker



Foto: Mats Bäcker



Foto: Mats Bäcker


2021: Puff

  • Of course, you can Bungy jump from a hot air balloon!

    Puff: A poetic and nerve-wracking tribute to the timeless innovative power of circus art.

2019: God's Disobedient Rib

  • Circus to attack the church's view of women.

    Svenska Dagbladet

    In the book "God’s Disobedient Rib", the reader follows along as Gunilla Thorgren reads the Bible from her feminist point of view. A large ensemble of circus artists and actors tells the story through words, acrobatics and music.

  • How a book about feminism and the Bible became a hit show

    Watch the short documentary (in Swedish) about God's Disobedient Rib.

2019: Bloom

  • It is so beautifully intertwined, so self-evidently connected that anything else in this life than high somersaults seems unthinkable.


    In Bloom, the artists embrace the demands and anxieties of everyday life. With creativity and circus, negative emotions are disarmed and fears become poetry.

2018: Epifónima

  • Magnificent celebration of the raw female power.

    Dagens Nyheter

    Female values can change the world. Epifónima was inspired by women's struggles throughout history and celebrates the values traditionally seen as feminine.

  • A performance with women

    Director Tilde Björfors talks (in Swedish) about the choice to create a show with and by female artists.

2019: Aquanauts

  • Acrobats and synchronized swimmers in and above Stockholm's waters

    "Aquanauts" was born from a unique collaboration between synchronized swimmers and circus artists, who created a site-specific performance performed in water, air and fire.

2017: Under

  • … a visually magnificent performance in which the fall, the hope and the insistent struggle are recurring.

    Svenska Dagbladet

    Seven people crash. Seven people, in the middle of the world, dreaming the ancient dream to manoeuver in and finally conquer the sky. It is about the wish to tame the untamable.

2017: Movements

  • The testimonies of the refugees come alive in physical poetry

    Svenska Dagbladet

    In a touching, sensitive work, Movements uses acrobatics, storytelling and physical theatre to explore the human connection in extreme times. Movements follows the real journeys of displaced people who arrived in Malmö during the autumn of 2015 and the volunteers who were there to greet them.

  • Refuge and hope

    Cocky commitment is our first core value. To question, explore, challenge and critically examine. Therefore, it is also essential for us to work with activism in various ways far outside the stage.

2016: Satyagraha

  • Tilde Björfors' production of Philip Glass's opera about Mahatma Gandhi exudes genuine musical understanding.

    Svenska Dagbladet

    Circus meets opera in a poetic and physical stage interpretation of Gandhi's nonviolent resistance.

2016: Limits

  • Limits is outstanding circus poetry on an urgent theme: migration.

    Svenska Dagbladet

    We are capable of much more than we believe if we dare to challenge our limits. For people in extraordinary circumstances, sometimes there is no choice but to take the leap.

2015: Borders

  • … a peculiar fireworks-display of strong stage poetry about human vulnerability in search of a better life.

    Svenska Dagbladet

    A tribute to the circus pioneers of history, directing the spotlight on migrants' life-threatening escape across the Mediterranean. The result: Contemporary circus activism.

2014: Underart

  • The result is beautiful contemporary circus poetry at its best: wistful and comical at the same time. An absolute body experience that reaches to the root of the heart…

    Svenska Dagbladet

    Underart is an ode to what happens after a crash landing. What happens thanks to a crash landing? Based on the director Olle Strandberg's own lived story.

2011: Romanesque Arches

  • Cirkus Cirkör took over Vadstena Monastery with a tailor-made performance based on Tomas Tranströmer's poem Romanesque Arches.

2011: Undermän

  • It's so beautiful when these bundles of muscle finally get to float (almost) weightlessly in each other's arms and build new pyramids.

    Svenska Dagbladet

    Undermän is the true story of three male partner acrobats who lost their partners, and consequently their careers and dreams as well. In a quest to regain their zest for life, they decide to create something completely new.

2010: Wear It Like a Crown

  • Seeking order in the collisions between the left and right cerebral hemispheres.

    Chaos and order gets explored, and risks gets transformed into opportunities. A performance about choosing to proudly wear our failures, fears and shortcomings as a crown.

  • Into a circus mind

    Like all our performances, Wear It Like a Crown became much more than a performance. For example, this concept film was created by Tilde Björfors and Johan Bååth.

2008: Inside Out

  • A dizzying circus drama about daring more than you dare

    The circus artists play the roles of various body parts such as blood cells and protoplasm. This enlightening and creative juxtaposition brings interpretive magic to the gorgeous imagery of live performers together with footage of the human body.

2006: Momo

  • A beautiful and teeming fool's mirror.

    Dagens Nyheter

    Momo is the little girl who, through her freedom from everything that binds people, poses a threat to the grey men who try to steal people's time. Momo has a very special ability - she listens - and through this, she elicits the imagination and creativity of everyone she meets.

2005: Havfruen

  • Alluring delight with soul, humour and cool acrobatics.

    Urban (B.T.)

    HC Andersen's tale about the little mermaid becomes a story about magic and genuine feelings. The focus is on Andersen's poetic, disturbing and endlessly beautiful story about the mermaid's longing for the prince's love and an immortal soul – a tale about elements that can never be reconciled.

2004: 99% Unknown

  • A rollercoaster of bodily creativity.

    Svenska Dagbladet

    The more we learned, the less we understood. Even though research has taken us so far, our knowledge of the body is still 99% unknown. Our humility in the face of the body's incredible magic is only growing, and who is the stem cell really - the world's greatest magician?

2002: Romeo & Julia

  • A festival of fierce acting, circus arts, acrobatics, dance and comedy.

    Dagens Nyheter

    Shakespeare for the 21st century. With trapeze artists, acrobats, actors, mimes, dancers and jugglers in the roles. In a high, sloping stage space, we tell with bodies, movement and words - Shakespeare's story of young, consuming love. Fierce. Beautiful. Dizzying.

2000: Trix

  • Circus performed as art … an exuberant mix of colour splendor and poetry perfected by extraordinary artistry.

    Westdeutsche Zeitung

    A mixture of theatre and circus. Meet acrobats, tightrope walkers, aerialists, mimes, a magician, a juggler, a kautschuk artist and a man who makes the impossible possible.

1999: 00:00

  • …beautiful, dirty, skilful, absurd and not least comical.


    Would we be different people without clocks? That and several other questions about time are the basis for 00:00. A circus performance that takes place in the eye of the storm, in the fraction of a second.

1998: Supercirkör

  • It's not a circus, it's not a theatre, it's more of a one-hour rock video in live format.

    Sundsvalls Tidning

    Together with the film and music video director Jonas Åkerlund, we had a dream of a big performance outdoors. Despite the small budget, minimal staff and no backing from any production company, we decided to drive anyway.

1995–1996: The Creation & Ur kaos föds allt

We established contemporary circus in Sweden

  • Tilde Björfors and Cirkör

    Tilde Björfors is the artistic director of Cirkus Cirkör, with over 25 years of experience in the industry as a creative, researcher and lecturer. Since Cirkör's start in 1995, Tilde has been one of the driving forces in establishing contemporary circus as an art form in Sweden.

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