• Knitting Peace

    Follow the threads to peace in an elegant stage show that marries breathtaking artistry with beautiful live soundtracks.

    November 29 – December 17Winterfest, Salzburg (AT)Tickets
  • Tipping Point

    Balancing in a Time of Change

    A circus show that challenges and stretches structures – our human structures and what holds our societies and democracies together. Why do they look the way they do? What keeps them in balance?

    Not all venues have released their tickets yet. Check your local presenter's website!

    February 16-17 (World Premiere)CirkusExpo/CircusMania, Riksteatern, Hallunda (SE)Tickets
    February 21-25Stora Teatern, Göteborg (SE)Tickets
    March 2-3Landskrona Teater (SE)Tickets
    March 9-10Kulturens Hus, Luleå (SE)Tickets
    March 16-17Sara kulturhus, Skellefteå (SE)Tickets
    March 26-27Uppsala Konsert & Kongress (SE)Tickets
    April 8-10Gävle Teater (SE)Tickets
    April 13-14Idun, Folkets Hus, Umeå (SE)Tickets
    April 26-27Falköpings Stadsteater (SE)T
    May 4-5Brinova Arena, Karlskrona (SE)
    May 11-12Lokomotivet, Eskilstuna (SE)Tickets
    May 17-19Kulturhuset Spira, Jönköping (SE)Tickets
    June 7-16Dansens Hus, Elverket, Stockholm (SE)Tickets
  • Aquanauts

    a poetic and magnificent experience filled with aerial and water acrobatics and astonishing artistic swimming formations. Together, we are an incredible force for good. 

    Tour plan to be announced.

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