Knitting Peace

…an aesthetic whole, a well-composed pictorial poem, executed in an atmosphere of gorgeous, contemplative calm. Duration: 120 min including intermission. Age: From 10 years.
Skellefteå (SE)October 10-11Sara KulturhusTickets
Sundsvall (SE)October 24Entré SundsvallTickets


A family show at the highest level about solidarity, trust and courage to be who you are.
October 27SöråkerTickets
October 29SäterTickets
October 30HargshamnTickets
November 4MålillaTickets
November 5AlvestaTickets
November 12KallhällTickets
November 16GöteborgTickets
November 17HunnebostrandTickets
November 18StigenTickets
November 19LidköpingTickets


You’re invited to a world of flowers, classical music and jaw dropping circus. Fve multi talented artists sets out to change the world through joy, risk assessment and facing fears. Duration: 60 min Age: From 4 year
Stockholm (SE)23 Feb - 10 Mar 2023Södra TeaternTickets

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