Artist – Jesper Nikolajeff

Jesper Nikolajeff is a Swedish circus artist, circus rig designer and director. He is part of Cirkus Cikör's artistic advisory board.

Part of

Director, Extra Everything (2023)
Director, Circus Life (2022)
Circus Technician, Circus Days and Nights (2021)
Circus Rig Designer, Pippi at the Circus (2022)
Circus Stage Manager, God's Disobedient Rib (2019)
Circus Rig Designer, Epifónima (2018)
Technical Stage Manager, Movements (2017)
Director & Artist, Night Sea Journey (2017)
Director, Aquanauts (2016)
Artist, Borders (2015)
Director & Artist, Cirkör Dinnershows (2014-2019)
Director & Artist, Romanesque Arches (2011)
Artist, Wear It Like a Crown (2010)
Director, RÖKT! (2009)
Director, ÖS! (2008)
Director & Artist, Wreck (2007)
Artistic Leader & Director, Ung Cirkör, the shows BOX, 10 000 volt, Kalla Balla Lik and Fett med Stekare (2003-2009)
Artist, Circus Life (2000)


Jesper Nikolajeff is a versatile artist, creator and director who is often seen throwing knives, juggling chainsaws or shooting pyrotechnics from his hat. He has been part of Cirkus Cirkör since 2000 and has appeared on stage in, among other things, the long-running Wear It Like a Crown. He has also taken over schools with the touring Circus Life.

Behind the scenes, Jesper is one of Sweden's leading rig designers and circus technicians. This is perhaps most evident in the epic outdoor show Aquanauts, which he also directed. 2003-2009 Jesper was the artistic director of Ung Cirkör, and in 2008, he received the Botkyrka municipality's cultural award for his work with youth and young adults.