Wear it like a crown

Chaos and order are explored and risks are transformed into opportunities. A performance about choosing to proudly carry our failures, fears and shortcomings as a crown. Premiere 2010.

About Wear It Like A Crown

On a revolving stage, the circus performers move through a world of illusions, shadow play, knife throwing, acrobatics, juggling and drama.

Six odd characters, feeling like they are the loneliest on earth, wrestle with their own dilemmas. Every character has his or her own way of trying to reach the others, through ping pong balls and suction cups, among other things.

In Wear it like a crown, the director and circus director Tilde Björfors continues to examine the big questions in life in relation to the world of circus. This show has been created in an attempt to understand the chaotic order of the right cerebral hemisphere.

Circus with magic and a heart

Wear it like a crown is the final part in Cirkus Cirkör’s trilogy about the body. The first part, 99% unknown, took the audience on a journey inside the body among cells and neurons. Inside out follows the heart, and Wear it like a crown seeks order in the collisions between the left and right cerebral hemispheres.

Ensemble & Crew

Henrik Agger – Wizard of Wonder
Louise Bjurholm – Miraculous and Supernatural
David Eriksson – Marvel of the Century
Jesper Nikolajeff – Nerves of Steel
Fouzia "Fofo" Rakez – Wild, Weird and Wonderful
Manda Rydman/Anna Lagerkvist/Shannon Savage – Mistress of Mayhem

Concept and Direction: Tilde Björfors
Music and lyrics: Rebekka Karijord
Stage design: Ensemble and creators
Costume design: Anna Bonnevier
Hair and Make up design: Helena Andersson
Lighting design: Ulf Englund
Props /décor: Tomas Helsing
Film and projections: Johan Bååth
Dramaturgy: Camilla Damkjaer
Choreography: Molly Saudek and Cilla Roos
Director’s assistant: Hanna Reinius
Circus rigging and construction: Ulf Poly Nylin and Anders Freudendahl
Constructor /Tour planner / Sound technician: Joel Jedströ
Sound design / lighting technician: Viktor Svälas
Props / Theatre technician: Patric Martinsson
Costume assistant: Rebecka Vestergren-Ahlin
Props assistant: Sara Brobert
Technical assistants from the University College of Film, Radio, Television: Petter Ekström and Joakim Ekström
Marketing and PR: Pia Jarlöv and Viktor Wiström
Photography: Mattias Edwall and Mats Bäcker
Graphic design, poster and program: Anna Lindqvist
Tour planning: Fanny Senocq-Ginsburg
Technical production: Stefan Karlström
Executive Artistic Producer: Lars Wassrin