99% unknown

Circus and research meet in part 1 of Tilde Björfors’s trilogy, with premiere in 2004.

About 99% Unknown

There are nerves dangling from the rig.
Anaemic Agility Queen slides through the intestinal tract.
Juggling with body fluids.
Acrobatics to the flesh tones of a vocal cord orchestra.
Artists balance on neurons, hang on to DNA strands, hurl themselves into an adrenaline rush and are rewarded with endorphins.
But who exactly is the stem cell, the world's foremost magician?

We dove into the body with a thousand questions:
What makes me dare what I do not dare?
Is my self in my DNA?
Where in the body are our thoughts visible?
How do neurons communicate?
What is physical intelligence?

We learned a lot:
The surface of the lung is as large as four soccer pitches.
A virus attacks in the same way that Napoleon prepared for war.
Each cell has the basic structure of a big city.
But the more we learned, the less we understood. Our humility
in the face of the body’s inexhaustible magic just keeps growing.

What do we really know?

The more we learned, the less we understood. Even though research has taken us so far, what we know about the body remains 99% unknown. Our humility in the face of the body's inexhaustible magic just keeps growing. And who exactly is the stem cell – the world's foremost magician?


Superb circus. Imagine the ethics of the athlete's disciplined movements, the virtues of artistic will plus investigative curiosity.

Verdens Gans

Following Cirkus Cirkör's journey inside the human being is a rollercoaster experience of corporeal creativity.


Cast & Crew

  • Ensemble

    Hand to Hand, Acrobatics: Mattias Andersson
    Ring, Acrobatics: Antoine Carabinier Lépine
    Hand to Hand, Acrobatics: Fefe Deijfen
    Aerial Hoop: Geneviéve Gauthier
    Hand to Hand, Acrobatics: Ola Granli
    Juggling: Samuel Gustavsson
    Aerial Silk, Danish Pole: Anders Astrup Jensen
    Contortion: Henna Kaikula
    Hand to Hand, Aerial Acrobatics: Katja Kortström
    Keyboards, Electronics, Trombone: Frederik Iversen
    Percussion, Electronics: Valter Kinbom
    Saxophone, Clarinet, Vocals, Electronics: Lisen Rylander


    Projection: Micke Agaton, Peter Aspelin, Magnus Frihake, Annika Jansson, Bertil Leidner, Jon Mårtensson, Tomas Nixon, Hanna Reuterborg, Johan Rydberg, Martin Spiegel, Anders Svensson, Syndicate, Gunnar Söder, Martin Widman, David Örtoft, Britta Wahren, Edgar Jaramillo, Urban Sjöqvist, Hans Larsson, Stellan Hertegård, Mary B. Kennedy, Per-Åke Lindestad, Uno Lindberg
    Inspiration, Projection and Support: Lennart Nilsson
    Musical Support: Irya Gmeyner, Nonsense, Toni
    Photo Cover & Poster: Mattias Edwall
    KI Core Group: Uno Fors, Rolf Bergin, Lotta Arborelius, Christer Sandahl
    KI Scientists: Peter Aspelin, Ingemar Ernberg, Petter Höglund, Mats Lekander, Bo Rydkvist, Arne Öhman

  • Production Team

    Idea and Director: Tilde Björfors
    Co-Director & Choreographer: Kajsa Giertz
    Composer: Savannah Agger
    Set Designer: Peter Lundquist
    Lighting Desinger: Ellen Ruge
    Costume Designer: Lehna Edwall
    Circus/Technical Constructor: Ulf "Poly" Nylin
    Acting Coach & Director Assistent: Niklas Lindgren
    Co-Choreographer & Director Assistant: Melina Mastrotanasi
    Street Dance Choreographer: Fredrik "Benke" Rydman
    Tee Tree Board Coach: Jan Rosén
    Hand to Hand Coach: Alexander Gavrilov
    Clown Workshop: Mike Barnfather
    Flying Low Workshop: David Zambrano
    Ring Instructor & Idea: Daniel Cyr/Cirque Éloize
    Hair Designer: Elisabeth Löfgren
    Make Up Designer: Sara Flygare
    Hat Maker: Barbro Scott
    Tailors: Karin Höeg & Lena Helleshøy
    Stage Manager: Erik Gullberg
    Rigging Technician: Ariellah Winther
    Lighting Technician: Tobias Ståhl
    Sound Technician: Niklas Nordström
    Marketing: Stina Wikström & Lina Sjöquist
    Marketing Assistants: Lotta Rehn & Mirja Sjögren
    Public Relations & Press: Susanne Reuszner
    Sponsor Relations: Pratik Vitlani
    Producer: Åsa Lassfolk
    Assistant Producer: Felicia Womack