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Northern Europe's largest circus company

Circus artists do what we all do in everyday life: collaborate, fail, control, theorize, put their trust to the test. But they do it 30 feet up in the air without a safety line. Everything is heightened when it’s a matter of life and death.

Borders (2015)

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We walk where no one has walked – on the tightwire

Circus Cirkör was started in 1995 to establish contemporary circus in Sweden. Today, that goal has been achieved, and Cirkör has become the Nordic region's largest circus company. Through the language of the circus, we create ground-breaking artistic experiences with the vision of making the impossible possible - on stage, in the training hall and in society.

Cirkör is, however, much more than its performances: Cirkör is a school, a meeting place, a social engine, a lab and a training hall. We see the circus as an inexhaustible toolbox for us and others in artistic and educational development as well as in leadership, teamwork and entrepreneurship. We believe in the subversive power of the circus, where performances can grow into worldwide movements, and the magic of the circus leads to real change.

Cirkör means Circus Heart

The name Cirkus Cirkör comes from a wordplay with the French words for Circus (cirque) and Heart (ceur). The circus heart can stand for the two chambers: our artistic and our educational work, but also for all the qualities and skills that make circus art and its artists special.

The History of Cirkus Cirkör

Cirkus Cirkör was founded in 1995 by Tilde Björfors and a group of young circus artists. The goal was to establish contemporary circus as an art form in Sweden. Since then, Cirkör's performances have toured worldwide and been seen by over 2.5 million people. Tilde Björfors has been our artistic director since the beginning and directs most of our performances.

Made in Botkyrka

Northern Europe's largest circus halls are located in Cirkör House. At our premises, professional circus artists train beside school students and course participants. In several different halls, large circus productions and artists in artistic residences rehearse, and in the workshop, we innovate the circus technology of the future.

Our world of circus

Game changing circus since 1995: Dive into our catalogue of performances!

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Vision & Values

Cocky commitment, Quality Madness and Collective Individualism are our core values.

Circus for everyone

Pedagogy, training and circus as a social engine is an important part of our business.

Research & Innovation

We do academic research, innovate and hold lectures and workshops.

Facts about Cirkör

Cirkör Board of Directors

Cirkör is an NGO with a Board of Directors passionate about contemporary circus and the arts’ place in society.

Annual Report

Deep dive into our annual reports – a dream for all lovers of statistics.


Cirkör is approved by the UN Global Compact and works actively with climate compensation. Read about our long-term environmental work.

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