Artist – Alexander Weibel Weibel

A lot has happened since we created Knitting Peace, but the message is as important in today's world as it was then, if not more.

Alexander, in regard to Knitting Peace

Alexander Weibel Weibel is a circus artist, director, musician and visual artist. He is part of Cirkus Cirkör's artistic advisory board.

Part of

Artistic direction, Tipping Point (2024)
Artistic direction & Artist, Våga vakna (2023)
Koncept & artistic direction, Trådar & Glas (2022)
Regissör, Tangled (2021)
Artist, Satyagraha (2016)
Assistant director, Limits (2015)
Artist, Borders (2015)
Artist, Knitting Peace (premiered 2013)


This Spanish-born circus artist is a specialist in balancing acts: balancing on slack ropes, wires, and objects, but also balancing objects on himself. Alexander is also a musician and often combines violin playing with his circus artistry.

Alexander began his education at a circus school in Madrid. He then studied at the National Circus School of Moscow and Stockholm University of the Arts, where he was also awarded the Sophie Hultens Circus scholarship.

Alexander has performed at various festivals in Europe and has been granted several awards, including the Special Jury's Prize during Cirque De Demain in Paris 2011, the Innovation Prize during the IV Circus Festival of Albacete and the Audience's prize during the Newcomers Show in Leipzig.

Alexander first met the Swedish audience during the pre-production Knitted Piece, a performance that was the starting point for what later became Knitting Peace directed by Tilde Björfors. Over the years, Alexander has participated in several of Cirkus Cirkör's productions as both an artist and director.