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Summer break courses

Three times during the summer, Cirkus Cirkör welcomes children and young people, 7-14 years, to a five-day course in Cirkörhuset. Together, the participants practice acrobatics, balance, park acobatics, juggling and aerial acrobatics. The course is suitable for both beginners and those with previous experience of circus training.

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Everyone between 5 and 105 can practice circus! Click on a course to read more about the course content and what prior knowledge is needed.

Contemporary circus

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The Cirkör Course

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Cirkusgymnasiet. Foto: Einar Kling Odencrants

Lines and wires

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Cirkusgymnasiet. Foto: Einar Kling Odencrants

Aerial acrobatics

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Circus play

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Contemporary circus for adults

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Family cirucs

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Acrobatics & Trampoline

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Acrobatics & Trampoline10-15 yearsCirkör HouseBook now
Circus play5-7 yearsCirkör HouseBook now
Cirkör courseFrom 5 yearsCirkör HouseBook now
Family circusFrom 5 yearsCirkör HouseBook now
Lines WiresFrom 10 yearsCirkör HouseBook now
Aerial acrobatics10-25 yearsCirkör HouseBook now
Contemporary circus7-15 yearsCirkör HouseBook now
Contemporary circus for adultsFrom 16 yearsCirkör HouseBook now
Summer break coursesFrom 7 yearsCirkör HouseBook now
Break courses with StockholmshemFrom 7 yearsRågsvedsskolan & SätraskolanBook now

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Circus play5 - 6 yearsStora TeaternNot open yet
Circus school7-10 & 10-14 yearsSjumilahallenNot open yet
Family circusFrom 5 yearsStora TeaternNot open yet
Contemporary circus7-10 & 10-14 yearsStora TeaternNot open yet
Contemporary circus level 210-14 yearsStora TeaternNot open yet
Contemporary circus for adutsFrom 15 yearsStora TeaternNot open yet


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At Cirkus Cirkör you train with professional circus artists as educators. Watch the film to get to know the pedagogue Thomas a little better!

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