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Whether you are 5 or 95, have a bendy body, a fear of heights or are already accustomed to spinning around your own shoulder, you can practice circus! Do you want to join us for a trial class, train with us, sign up for a course or take part in circus play guided by experienced circus educators? Most of our courses and training are held in the Cirkör House in Alby, Botkyrka, but we also have circus courses in Gothenburg.

The best trainers in the world! Here, I can bli my whole self.

Participant from the Contemporary Circus course

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What do you want to learn?

Contemporary circus

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The Cirkör Course

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Cirkusgymnasiet. Foto: Einar Kling Odencrants

Lines and wires

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Cirkusgymnasiet. Foto: Einar Kling Odencrants

Aerial acrobatics

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Circus play

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Contemporary circus for adults

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Foto: Alex Hinchcliffe

Family circus

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Acrobatics & Trampoline

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Drop-in training and Chill with Cirkör

Not sure if the circus training is for you? Or are you already taking a course and want to practice a little more? We have drop-in training sessions every week and a hangout we call Chill with Cirkör a few times every term.

Good to know

Botkyrka discount
If you are a resident of Botkyrka Municipality under the age of 20, you are entitled to the “Botkyrka Discount” of SEK 600 per course. To get the discount, check the appropriate box on the sign-up form. Cirkus Cirkör will cross-check this against the population register.

Insurance & administration fee
The course fee includes the cost of training insurance with the Gymnastics Association of SEK 150. An administration fee of SEK 9 - 59 is also added to the invoice.

You become a member of Cirkus Cirkör
In order to book a course, you must become a member of Cirkus Cirkör's non-profit association, which means, among other things, that you receive Cirkör's newsletter and that you have the right to vote at the association's annual meetings. Membership in Cirkus Cirkör's non-profit association costs SEK 50 per calendar year and is automatically added to the invoice.

Term Timetable
Who trains when? Download the term timetable (in Swedish) HERE!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?
The Cirkör House is located in Alby, Botkyrka in southern Stockholm. Our address is Rotemannavägen 22, 145 57 Norsborg. We also have courses in other places, information about them are to be found where you book the course.

Do you have courses in Stockholm City?
Not right now, unfortunately.

Am I too young/old to train circus?
Everyone between 5 and 105 can train circus. Younger children are welcome to Chill with Cirkör. If a course has age restrictions, you can read about it on the course page.

How many classes does the course include?
One term normally includes 12 classes.

Do I need any pre-knowledge?
We have courses for all from newbies to almost-professionals. If any specific pre-knowledges are needed, you can read about it on the course page.

How late can I cancel by booking?
You have the right to cancel your booking whenever, but you need to get in touch at least 14 days before the course classes for us to credit your fee.

Contact (Stockholm)

Have questions about our courses or how you can start practicing circus in Stockholm? Contact

Contact (Gothenburg)

Have questions about our courses or how you can start practicing circus in Gothenburg? Contact biljett.storateatern@

Why train circus?

Train together with your child

Meet parents and children who attend our family course together.

Meet our pedagogues!

At Cirkus Cirkör you train with professional circus artists as educators. Watch the film to get to know the pedagogue Thomas a little better!

Circus and the educational heart

The circus heart has two chambers: an artistic one and an educational one. Together with circuses and circus schools worldwide, we do youth exchanges, educate future pedagogues and walk highwires for mental health. We have been passionate about circus as a form of training, art and social hub since 1995.

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