Cirkör Prep

When you aim higher

  • Cirkör Prep is a one-year, part-time course. Throughout the year, you will train in the fundamentals of various circus disciplines, with the opportunity to specialise in your preferred disciplines. The course primarily aims at those who wish to lay the groundwork for a higher education.

    The course comprises teacher-led lessons alongside our Cirkusgymnaset students (approximately 10 hours per week) and an equal amount of independent training in the circus hall. In northern Europe's largest circus hall, both secondary school students, course participants, and professional circus artists train, with access to everything needed for most circus disciplines.

    Course Content

    The Cirkör Prep course follows the teacher-led classes of Cirkusgymnasiet. Depending on your prior knowledge, you can individually choose between the tracks taken by first–, second–, or third-year students.

    The focus is on the fundamentals of all circus disciplines, such as acrobatics, trampoline, tightrope walking, handstands, juggling, and aerial acrobatics. We also work on strength and stretching, rigging and safety, dance, improvisation, theatre, clowning, and artistic creation. Those with substantial prior knowledge or who quickly develop a passion for a discipline can choose to specialise in it, primarily during the second term.

    The preparatory course is part-time, with approximately half of the time dedicated to teacher-led classes. Classes mainly take place during the daytime, but the schedule varies slightly in time and extent throughout the year. The course includes a study trip to Paris and two project weeks at Riksteatern.

    After Cirkör Prep

    Cirkör Prep is for those who aim to pursue a higher education in circus. After completing the course, you will receive a certificate and a personal letter that can be used in future applications.

  • Application deadline: July 31 2024
    Duration: 40 weeks, 2 terms
    Study pace: 50%
    Course start: August 2024
    Course plan: Download
    Language: Classes are held in Swedish or English, depending on the group composition.
    Course fee: SEK 25,000 per term (SEK 50,000 for the entire year)
    Financial aid: Cirkör Prep is a new course for 2024 and is not yet eligible CSN.
    Terms & conditions: Download

    We welcome applicants from all over the world.

    Questions? You can reach us on

    Application & Tryout

    Cirkör Prep can be tailored to your prior knowledge, making it suitable for those who already practice circus and aim for higher education and those with skills in a related training form who want to delve into the circus world.

    To enrol in the course, you need to visit us for a tryout. We will try some circus disciplines and discuss circus and training. While it is beneficial if you already have some training experience, we primarily look at your potential to benefit from the course over the year.

    You apply by filling in the form below. Cirkör Prep has limited spots, and admissions are based on how well we assess that the course will suit you. We will not necessarily admit those with the most extensive experience but those who show potential and will form a diverse and functional group with existing Cirkusgymnasiet students. Tryouts are held at Cirkus Cirkör during weeks 33 and 34 (August 12-30).