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Tipping Point

Foto: Carlos Zaya

Tipping Point

On Tour

Knitting Peace

Foto: Joana Magalhaes

Knitting Peace

On Tour

Extra Everything

Foto: Carlos Zaya

Extra Everything

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Foto: Valeria Seznam


On Tour

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  • Trailer, photos and sold-out venues


    Today, Tipping Point finally gets its premiere, and with it comes the official photos and a full-length trailer. Add to that, that the tickets to the first tour stops are starting to run out – Landskrona is already completely sold out!



    In May 2024, Knitting Peace is reunited with the Norwegian audience for three public performances and two school shows at Baerum Kulturhus.



    Finally, the vacation is approaching, and it's time to book the first vacation courses for children and youth. Book now and fill your child's break with play, laughter, and lots of circus! More vacation courses will be released across the country during the spring.

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  • Stop dreaming, start cartwheeling!

  • Whether you are 5 or 95, have a bendy body, a fear of heights or are already accustomed to spinning around your own shoulder, you can practice circus!

The Upper Secondary School for Circus

Train your body and your intellect at the same time during your three years at "Cirkusgymnasiet". The combination of theory, artistic work and training fit those who dream of a future as an international circus artist, and those who have other dreams but want to train and work artistically during their school years.

Tipping Point – Balancing in a Time of Change

  • Cirkus Cirkör explores the limits of the balancing act in an innovative circus gem that makes time stand still.


    We meet five circus artists and a musician in a raw world built of trusses, metal pipes and wires. Through acrobatics, aerial acrobatics, hair hanging and contortionism, they move with, against and despite the structures. What does it take to keep the balance when what seems stable can suddenly collapse?

    February 16-17 (World Premiere)CirkusExpo/CircusMania, Riksteatern, Hallunda (SE)Tickets
    February 21-25Stora Teatern, Göteborg (SE)Tickets
    March 2-3Landskrona Teater (SE)Tickets
    March 9-10Kulturens Hus, Luleå (SE)Tickets
    March 17Sara kulturhus, Skellefteå (SE)Tickets
    March 26-27Uppsala Konsert & Kongress (SE)Tickets
    April 8-10Gävle Teater (SE)Tickets
    April 13-14Idun, Folkets Hus, Umeå (SE)Tickets
    April 26-27Falköpings Stadsteater (SE)Tickets
    May 4-5Karlskrona Konserthusteater (SE)Tickets
    May 11-12Lokomotivet, Eskilstuna (SE)Tickets
    May 17-19Kulturhuset Spira, Jönköping (SE)Tickets
    May 26Festspillene i BergenTickets
    June 7-16Dansens Hus, Elverket, Stockholm (SE)Tickets

Full house

  • Northern Europe's largest circus hall

    International artists, children and students train under the same roof in our our top-equipped circus hall.

  • Chill with Cirkör

    Three Sundays each term, we open up our training hall for those who want to try training circus, practice parkour, hang out in our chillout corners, watch others train, have coffee or just step by to say hello.

Way beyond the stage

  • Of course, you can bungee jump from a hot air balloon!

    Puff: A poetic and nerve-wracking homage to the innovative power of circus art. When the pandemic closed down all cultural venues, we hopped in a hot air balloon and let the circus fly over Stockholm in a unique collaboration with the Stockholm Cultural Festival.

  • Circus into deep water

    Aquanauts: Acrobats and synchronized swimmers in and above Stockholm's waters in a site-specific performance performed in water, air and fire.

  • A world of circus

    Groundbraking circus since 1995: Explore our complete catalogue of performances.