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Circus life

Foto: Jesper Nikolajeff

Circus life

Stockholm 2023!

Pippi at the Circus

Foto: Markus Gårder

Pippi at the Circus

Stockholm 2023!

Knitting Peace

Foto: Joana Magalhaes

Knitting Peace

On tour!

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    It's true! We are coming to Mariehamn! The four-masted giant ship Pommern turns 100 years in Åland ownership, and it is clear that the rig needs some proper acrobatics.

    Pommern, Mariehamn
    10 June, 18.30-23.00
    Free admission


    Are you between 18 and 30 and want to train circus this summer? Then you are welcome to Unga Spåret’s Circus Training Camp 2023! The camp is fully booked right now, but you are welcome to put your name on the reserve list.

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    May 19th, you can try circus training at Mall of Scandinavia. You can also win tickets to Pippi at the Circus!

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Summer with Cirkör

  • Circus Life at Parkteatern!

    This summer, we ride around in a circus wagon and treat Stockholm's parks with a full-on circus party. Come watch the performers fly through the air, juggle and perform stunts like there was no tomorrow. As the Grand Finale, we roll into Vitabergsparken and unleash the tame, wild and a living cannonball directly on the main stage.

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    Summer vacation courses

    You can take a summer vacation course with us if you live in Skarpnäck, Alby, Hisings Backa, Rannebergen, Hammarkullen, Hjällbo, Dalsjöfors, Piteå, Hunnebostrand, Iggesund, Luleå, Huskvarna, Bergsjön, Hedemora or Tidaholm.

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  • Circus trials in Tanto, Bagis and Gothenburg.

    Come as you are and learn something you didn't know you could.

    We're arranging a whole lot of circus trials in both Tantolunden and Bagarmossens centrum in Stockholm, and at a few sites in Gothenburg.

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  • Whether you are 5 or 95, have a bendy body, a fear of heights or are already accustomed to spinning around your own shoulder, you can practice circus!

The Upper Secondary School for Circus

Train your body and your intellect at the same time during your three years at "Cirkusgymnasiet". The combination of theory, artistic work and training fit those who dream of a future as an international circus artist, and those who have other dreams but want to train and work artistically during their school years.

Yarn Acrobatics

  • Knitting Peace on tour since 2013

    A poetic circus performance filled with yarn, tangles, ropes and threads. Questions about striving and knitting are woven together with breathtaking artistry, looped live music and suggestive scenography. Five circus artists invite the audience to be embraced by enigmatic music, delicate poetry and a forceful quest for meaning.

  • Breakneck poetry in a homespun world. A charming and sympathetic work where the whole trumps the individual efforts – like stitches in a knitted piece.

    Dagens Nyheter
  • A worldwide peace movement

    During its tours, Knitting Peace has engaged and met peace knitters from all around the world. The amount of knittings they have sent us is overwhelming - it is clear that the combination of circus, striving, and knitting has grown into a movement of its own.

Pippi is back!

  • Having Cirkus Cirkör's multi-talented contemporary circus artists meet Pippi Longstocking is a stroke of luck, as is letting the music and the excellent circus orchestra play a leading role. It's swinging in the ring!

    Svenska Dagbladet

    Get ready to see Pippi as you've never seen her in a newly written, sensational circus musical. Welcome to experience a gravity-defying whirlwind without safety nets, starring a dizzying ensemble and colorful orchestra. Join in!

    June 15 – August 20 2023Cirkus, Djurgården (SE)Tickets

Way beyond the stage

Of course, you can Bungy jump from a hot air balloon!

Puff: A poetic and nerve-wracking homage to the innovative power of circus art. When the pandemic closed down all cultural venues, we hopped in a hot air balloon and let the circus fly over Stockholm in a unique collaboration with Stockholm Cultural Festival.

Circus into deep water

Aquanauts: Acrobats and synchronized swimmers in and above Stockholm's waters in a site-specific performance performed in water, air and fire.

A world of circus

Groundbraking circus since 1995: Explore our complete catalogue of performances.

Full house

  • Northern Europe's largest circus hall

    International artists, children and students train under the same roof in our our top-equipped circus hall.

  • Chill with Cirkör

    Three Sundays each term, we open up our training hall for those who want to try training circus, practice parkour, hang out in our chillout corners, watch others train, have coffee or just step by to say hello.

Vår pedagogik

Foto: Alex Hinchcliffe

Vår pedagogik

Forskning & Innovation

Henrik Agger. Foto: Håkan Larsson

Forskning & Innovation

Cirkörs ensembler

Circus Days and Nights. Foto: Mats Bäcker

Cirkörs ensembler

Om Cirkus Cirkör

Foto: Peter Bak

Om Cirkus Cirkör

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