A bold, gravity-defying show that takes the circus and plunges it into wild water.

About Aquanauts

Aquanauts is a show of extraordinary scale, inspired by the most encompassing feeling of them all: love. With 50 professionals and amateur performers, a 50-metre-tall crane and a wild body of water, we're erupting out of the safe confines of the circus tent and making a splash in an enormous site-specific event. 

Exploring the elements water, fire and air, the show explores how fellowship, togetherness and equality can help us overcome anything. The result is a poetic and magnificent experience filled with aerial and water acrobatics, and astonishing artistic swimming formations. Together, we are an incredible force for good. 

Aquanauts premiered at XXX, and has been performed at the Forsgrenska Pool in Stockholm, and during the H20 festival in Jönköping, and most recently at Stockholm Cultural Festival 2018. The show has been seen by over 100,000 people so far.

Fire, Air, Water and Love: Aquanauts

Aquanauts was born from an unique collaboration between synchronized swimmers and circus artists.

Ensemble & Crew

Creative Team

Director: Jesper Nikolajeff
Artistic director: Pompe Hedengren
Choreographer: Ktalin Herngren Bachry
Circus choreographer: Camilla Hammarström

Circus artists:
Regina Baumann,
Klara Mossberg,
Mira Leonard,
Fabian Kazen Nikolajeff,
Aaron Hakala,
Ethan Law,
Mikael Lindström,
Lukas Ivanow,
Erik Berkey,
Hedda Celander,
Tobias Niemöller,
Ole Skovgård Dampe,
Thomas Grahndin Jensen
Ylva Runqvist.

Synchronized swimmers:
Anna Högdal,
Anna Sommansson,
Anna Nordberg,
Anneli Rudström,
Annie Laine,
Camilla Nilsson,
Carina Kraft Thomassen,
Caroline Rissve,
Elin Mellqvist,
Elric Sauze,
Emma Haskovec,
Eva Muhle,
Frida Jungnell,
Frida Starck Lindfors ,
Frida Klingberg,
Gertrud Ekman Öhrn,
Hanna Ronnysdotter,
Helga Stensson,
Jennifer Sonestedt,
Jonas Beckman,
Josefine Öhman,
Josefine Magnusson,
Kaisa Fexe,
Katarina Dahl,
Katarina Nolkrantz Frydman,
Klara Sparr,
Linda Sjöberg Thelenius,
Madeleine Billing,
Margareta Meyze,
Maria Strandlund,
Mattias Pettersson,
Mia Olausson Sundsten,
Mika Laine,
Monica Moonstone Karlsson,
Monika Westerlund,
Parmida Hamdollazadehkiveive,
Petter Hydén,
Sandra Allerrud,
Sara Strandlund,
Sara Brobert,
Pernilla Johansson,
Tobias Strollo,
Amanda Sundqvist,
Clàudia Arasa Cuartiella

Henrik Lundgren,
Alex Cuadrado,
Anna Malmsten,
Daphne Wahlund,
Georg Laine,
Gunilla Stenberg,
Henrik Lundgren,
Isabelle Zupanc,
Julijana Nyhaga,
Linda Lindwall,
Lisa Sigtryggsson,
Lovisa Östberg,
Martin von Sydow,
Oscar Sigtryggsson
Sirkka Aho