Bringing disorder to the classroom

The shyest student suddenly takes space, the one who has difficulty sitting still is completely rapt. Transform the school, students and future through contemporary circus!

Show + workshop = a cultural and physical experience

We call this Cirkus de Luxe. The students see artists on stage and later meet them as educators in a workshop. The City of Stockholm subsidizes Cirkus Cirkör's workshops. The city’s Kulan discount offers 50% off on activities in schools. All primary schools in Sweden may apply for arts and culture grants via Skapande skola (Creative School).

Trassligt (”Tangled”)

Thank you for the most beautiful show, it was the best one that ever came to our school.

World-renowned artists as teachers

All our circus educators are professional artists. At the same time, they have solid pedagogical experience and the ability to lead, teach and offer support based both on group and individual needs.

Teacher’s Guide

The teacher's guide helps you to prepare your class before Cirkus Cirkör shows up. It also provides tips and tricks on how to include circus pedagogically in your teaching.

Our Cirkus de Luxe shows are specifically designed to be performed in schools while our touring performances have versions adapted for both schools and theaters.

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Culture as a right of common in Botkyrka

All fifth graders in Botkyrka are offered the opportunity to come to the Cirkör House and try training circus. This guarantees all Botkyrka's students a shared experience of culture.

    Train with Cirkör

    We have toured Sweden together with Folkets Hus and Parks for ten summers. During a week, children get the opportunity to try circus training and develop both physically and creatively together with our educators.


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