Bring disarray to the classroom

Educational shows and workshops

The shyest suddenly steps forward, and the one who finds it hard to sit still rises into total concentration. Change the school, the students, and the future with contemporary circus!

Show + Workshop = Cirkus De Luxe

  • Let the students meet the circus

    We call it Cirkus de Luxe. The students see our artists on stage and then meet them as educators in a workshop. Circus De Luxe works for all language backgrounds and functional diversities in all kinds of school gyms.

  • Extra Everything

    We follow three characters as they enter the circus tent and discover a world where everyone can be themselves. Through juggling, tightrope walking, and acrobatics, we lift each other's differences and learn not to apologize for what makes us unique.

The artists really managed to captivate the students during the show. In particular, it was fun to see that the students with special needs got so captivated and were fascinated by what they saw. The enthusiasm of the artists was palpable.

Almekärrsskolan, Lerum Municipality
  • Contact us

    Do you want us to take over the whole school? Or would you prefer to visit our circus hall with your class? Get in touch and we'll tell you more!

    Linda Petersson

    Production manager pedagogical programme
    +46 72 285 33 63

  • Good to know

    Stockholm municipality subsidizes Cirkus Cirkör's educational programs. Kulanpremien offers 50% off on the fee when booking activities for the school.

    All schools in Sweden can apply for grants for the arts through Skapande skola.

    All fifth and eighth-graders in Botkyrka are offered the opportunity to come to the Cirkör House and try training circus. This guarantees all Botkyrka's students a shared experience of culture.

Friendly approach and clear instructions before all activities. They saw what each child needed and helped them "just enough" to dare to try everything.

Eiraskolan, Stockholm stad

Passion for pedagogy since 1995

  • Already one year after Cirkus Cirkör became a non-profit association, we held our first courses at Kulturhuset in Stockholm. Since then, pedagogy, circus training and the circus as a social engine have been an important part of our company.