Circus for everyone

Passion for pedagogy since 1995


children, youths and adults practice circus with us every year.


of teaching circus.


circus high school exists in Sweden.


circus educators work with us every year.

Already one year after Cirkus Cirkör became a non-profit association, we held our first courses at Kulturhuset in Stockholm. Since then, pedagogy, circus training and the circus as a social engine have been an important part of our company.

Wire walking for life

This summer, participants from our course Lines & Wires wire-walked across the River Corrib in Galway, Ireland. Many young people have lost their lives in the river over the years, but now the water turned into a stage for the courage and determination required to cross it on a wire. The project was organized by our friends at Galway Community Circus. Now the mini-documentary about LifeLine has been released on YouTube - and HERE you can also read the ETC article from last summer (in Swedish)

Meet our educators!

At Cirkör, you train with professional circus artists. Get to know Thomas, Max and Sianna a little better!

Cirkör in Botkyrka

All fifth and eighth-graders in Botkyrka are offered the opportunity to come to the Cirkör House and try training circus. This guarantees all Botkyrka's students a shared experience of culture.

Cirkör in the school

Every year we visit schools throughout the country with our educational shows and workshops. We are right now touring with Tangled!

Cirkör in the parks!

Together with Folkets Hus and Parks, we travel around Sweden during the summers and make sure that all children get to try circus training.

Cirkör & Clowns Without Borders

In 2016 and 2017, the "Cirkushoppet" project visited 35 locations in Sweden to spread laughter and joy to 4,000 children and adults who came to Sweden as refugees.

Everyone can train circus!

Sluta drömma, börja hjula

Blir du sugen? Få saker gör oss mer levande än att lära oss något nytt, utmana våra gränser och klara det vi trodde var omöjligt. Våga språnget – testa och lär dig cirkus av världsartister i vår professionella, topputrustade cirkushall!