We knit for peace

An International Peace Movement

What started as the world tour of a circus production has evolved into an international peace movement. Since 2013, both local and international “Calls to Knit” have filled theater foyers and exhibition spaces with knitted pieces and reflections on peace.

Yarn bombing!

Urban knitters have yarn bombed public spaces while craftivism unites and weaves together places such as New York and Syria, Säffle, Buenos Aires and Borås. These calls to knit are ongoing processes of co-creation, and several initiatives begun in connection with Knitting Peace now live on as independent projects. We’re knitting peace together!

Are you in?

At the moment, a call is being held in Skellefteå, for more info visit Sara Kulturhus' website.

To participate in the knitting call, send your white knitting to Cirkus Cirkör and feel free to answer the questions below.

Why do you knit?

What are you striving for?

Is it possible to knit peace?

Your contribution may be shown in connection with our performances and in our touring foyer exhibition. If there is no knitting call in your city, send your knitting to:
Cirkus Cirkör
Rotemannavägen 10
145 57 Norsborg

Check out some of the pieces




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Fanø stikkefestival


Stockholm - Dansens Hus



Stockholm Armémuseum

Borås - Textimuseet