Foto: John Carlsson

We Knit for Peace

En internationell fredsrörelse

Is it possible to knit peace?

Craftivism from New York, Rosario and Girona are braided with places such as Alby, Säffle and Borås in the performance Knitting Peace and the exhibition We Knit for Peace. Peace knitting inspires belief in and engagement for a better world together with other people.

We knit peace together

During its journey around the world, Knitting Peace has met and engaged peace knitters who have shared their work and thoughts about knitting peace. The amount of knittings we have received has been overwhelming and it is clear that the combination of circus, striving and knitting has grown into a movement spanning several continents.

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How to knit a dove

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Do you want to knit?

In many places that Knitting Peace visits on its tour, local calls to knit are started. Most knit in white and motifs such as peace doves, peace symbols and texts about peace are common. The knittings are exhibited in a foyer or gallery space in connection to the performances.




Alby - Cirkörhuset



Fanø stikkefestival


Stockholm - Dansens Hus




Stockholm Armémuseum

Borås - Textimuseet

Foto: Sanna Lindberg

Foto: Sanna Lindberg

Foto: Sanna Lindberg

Foto: John Carlsson

Foto: John Carlsson

Foto: John Carlsson