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We let the company board fly and organisations balance between risk and possibility.

Foto: Mattias Edwall

What can we do for you?

What can the different disciplines of the circus teach us about courage and trust? How can madness be qualitative? What is a Circus Heart? Cirkör offers unique experiential lectures where research meets circus art.

"Inspired by Cirkus Cirkör's keywords and research, we have developed an internal leadership training for all leaders / project managers within The Absolut Company."

Anna Kamjou Reuterswärd

Foto: Jesper Nikolajeff

A Cirkör lecture

With artist participation, circus trials or workshops, several senses are addressed and the participants gain a deeper understanding of the subject. The artists concretise the lecture with their acts and the participants get a direct physical experience in combination with intellectual stimulation.

Circus Transfer

Anyone who flies high must expect to be caught in order to perform their trick. What can circus performers teach companies about trust? We offer you and your group to explore skills and attitudes from the circus world in the concept Circus Transfer.

7 disciplines – endless possibilities

Circus artists train their trust in others, their ability to assess risk, their capacity for cooperation and their devotion ten meters up in the air, with the goal of removing the safety net.

To do and show what has never been done before, in the concrete and the physical, is the circus' mission. Only the knowledge that everything is possible, paired with the learnings from 1000 failures, can create something new.

We call these abilities Circus Transfer and mean that the circus artists' knowledge of failure, being present, trust and cooperation can be passed forward, with the methods of the circus.

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