Cirkör House

Northern Europe's largest circus halls

Welcome to our place

Cirkörhuset (Cirkör House) in Alby is the place where 5-year-olds go to play circus games, where every fifth grader in Botkyrka Municipality has the chance to try circus, where children from different areas meet at courses during school breaks, where teenagers gather for drop-in, high school students grow together with teachers from all over the world and world-class circus artists create international performances. It is a house where there’s room for everything and everyone. Circus for everyone!

  • Getting here

    Cirkör House is located at Rotemannavägen 22 in Alby. We are next door to Subtopia, a creative cluster. This is a link to Google Maps.

    By public transportation: take the subway’s red line towards Norsborg and get off at Alby. From there, just follow the signs for Cirkus Cirkör and Subtopia – it’s about a 10-minute walk from the station. You can't miss the house – we have a huge logo on the roof.

  • Accessibility in Cirkör House

    There are two parking spaces for people with reduced mobility in the vicinity of the Cirkör House's entrance. In Cirkör House, it is largely free of thresholds and all doors measure at least 80 cm in width. An elevator to the upper floor is available. However, there is no ramp for the level difference that exists on the upper level. There is an accessible toilet. The circus house is partly accessible for the visually impaired.

Cirkör & Botkyrka

For 22 years, Botkyrka Municipality has played a major role in the development of circus in Sweden, through the establishment of Cirkus Cirkör in Alby. From the very beginning, Cirkör’s circus hall, offices and production premises have been open for residencies, training and activities for children and young people.

Within the framework of this collaboration, a series of activities take place every year. However, we also have working relationships with housing companies, civil society and private actors. We constantly endeavour to find new projects, new partners and fresh approaches that allow us to offer circus for everyone.

Cirkus Cirkör moved to Botkyrka Municipality in 2000 when we fell in love and realized we needed each other! Since then, Botkyrka Municipality and Cirkus Cirkör have had an annual “agreement on activities” with the following points of departure:

• All humans are creative beings.
• Art expands the world.
• Circus enhances human development and provides the power to change oneself and the outside world.
• Circus inspires us to dare to take risks that allow for new opportunities.

Tens of thousands of Botkyrka Municipality’s residents have experienced the inspiring performances and educational activities of contemporary circus. Our priority target groups are children and young people, parents, educators, other school and after-school/recreation centre staff, as well as nursing home residents. Every year we invest in different neighbourhoods where we identify a need of circus in schools and during leisure time.

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