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We crash the party

  • In circus, no ordinary rules apply. That gives us the freedom to redefine the very essence of top-tier entertainment.

    Saara Ahola, Artistic Leader Events
  • Unique & Flexible

    We have both ready-to-eat concepts and the creativity to create something completely new. Based on your terms, needs, and wishes, we build an unforgettable experience for your audience.

    Scroll down to read more about price levels, our concepts, and what you need to consider when bringing circus performers to your party.

Sophisticated Somersaults or PG-18 Pyrotechnics?

  • Acrobatic Explosion

    We send our most skilled acrobats to fill the floor and the air with handstands, somersaults and breathtaking partner acrobatics. We fly high above your guests' heads in colourful arrays and make them choke on the champagne with gravity-defying circus acts.

  • Crash & Boom

    Knife throwing, pyrotechnics and our very best shock effects! We crash the party and make sure it gets messy in a way that only Cirkör can. Hold on to your hat, make sure your arms and legs are out of the way and check that the fire alarm is working – it's gonna be a bumpy ride.

  • Nordic Noir

    Elegance that makes your stomach flutter. Some of Northern Europe's most skilled circus performers offer your guests a forrest-scented experience that lifts the event to new heights. It's beautiful and stylish – but no less breathtaking.

  • Fun & Active

    This family-friendly firework is full of joy and humour. With colourful costumes and a real circus wagon, this show is particularly suitable outdoors. The concept was born from the school show Extra Everything and the maxed-out Circus Life, and we are happy to let adults and children actively test their circus skills after the show.

  • Can You Knit Peace?

    Inspired by our hit performance Knitting Peace, we create an event that provokes thought. In scenographic elements knitted from white threads and balancing on large balls of yarn, we invite the audience into our quest for peace. Is it possible to knit peace? Is peace on earth possible?

Size Matters

All events are unique, but you can start from the packages below if you need to show your finance manager something.

  • Smaller

    One to two artists take over the venue with circus acts at the highest level. They offer three to four acts in the middle of your mingle or from the venue's stage during the event.

    The small package starts from SEK 20,000.

  • Medium

    Three to five artists fly high in the air and dance on the walls in a site-specific show created for your venue. During the evening, they offer five to six acts, and depending on which concept we start from, we are happy to bring a live musician.

  • Large

    Five to seven circus performers and maybe a live musician fill the room with a maxed-out show specially created for your guests. The length of the show is tailored to your particular event.

Book an Audacious Endeavor

Looking for something that makes the global media outlets choke? There's almost nothing we can't do.

  • No stage? Hot Air Balloon.

    When the pandemic prevented public gatherings, we let the circus fly two hot air balloons over Stockholm in a unique collaboration with the Stockholm Culture Festival. Aerial acrobatics, wall dancing and bungy jumping work perfectly at a height of one hundred meters!

  • Lifting artistic swimmers with a crane

    Our huge outdoor show, Aquanauts, was born from a unique collaboration between artistic swimmers and circus artists. In Sweden and the world, we make the audience hold their breath with a living work of art in fire, air and water.

  • Can one hang from any ceiling?

    No, but we can. The different circus disciplines, of course, require different measures of preparation on site, but with us, you will find some of the world's leading circus riggers and technicians. We talk through what is possible to do in your particular venue - it is often more than you think.

  • More of a Participator?

    Are you looking for a workshop, performance lecture, or training trial? With the circus as a guiding light, we are driven by inspiring people to challenge themselves and think that anything is possible. We research, lab, lecture, and educate.

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