A huge heart and enormous competency

Camilla Kempe, Senab Interior

Circus in all forms for every occasion

With over 20 years in the industry as well as experience from thousands of successful events, we can - without exaggeration - call ourselves the most experienced circus organizers in the Nordic region. We have appeared before kings, the pope and Madonna. We have organized festivals and performed at the MTV Gala, the Nobel banquet, thousands of kickoffs and corporate events. There are few challenges we shy away from!

For you only

Together we’ll build an unforgettable experience just for you. We will create a unique concept tailored to your company’s technical specs, aims and values. For example, you can book: You can book arrangements such as: • Events on a given theme • Lectures and trial sessions • Artist who host and mingle at your event • Shows based on Cirkör's touring productions

For your space only

We are more than happy to create unique events for both the air, ground and water. Which space do you want to fill with circus magic?

Exclusive and explosive

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