A poetic and nerve-wracking tribute to the timeless innovation power of circus art. Premiere: 2021.

About Puff

August 2021: Two hot air balloons hover over Stockholm. They are filled with acrobatics, music, courage and dreams. They are on their way, driven by longing. The longing for an audience, for co-creation and to fill the city with breathtaking experiences.

The longing for an audience led Cirkus Cirkör, Stockholm's Culture Festival and Peak Experience to create a floating circus performance together.

Puff was a poetic and nerve-wracking tribute to the timeless innovative power of circus art. Brief as a gust of wind, the performance floated over Stockholm. Brave artists, flying riggers and first-class pilots filled the air with art. In Puff, the stillness of balloons and the explosiveness of circus art are set against and with each other.

Cameramen in the balloon basket!

Along for the trip were not only artists, riggers and pilots. With the help of drones and a flying cameraman, the unique performance was documented.

Behind the scenes

How do you rehearse a weather-dependent performance? How do you even come up with the idea? Some of the creators behind Puff tell us.

Ensemble & Crew

Stockholm Culture Festival

Project management and idea: Philippa Staffas
Communications Manager: Terese Bonnevier
Press and PR: Nadya Gruner
Production Manager: Hilda Denward
Digital editor: Tora Enkvist
Web editor: Isabell Stolt
Web development: Petter Lidberg
Film production: Andreas Strömquist, Albert Jalap
Drone photographer: Isak Gabre
Coordinator: Viktor Ärlemalm

Cirkus Cirkör

Direction / Artistic project manager: Camilla Hammarström
Artistic director: Tilde Björfors
Circus rig and construction: Fredrik Deijfen, Mattias Lindström, Joel Jedström, Matt Horton
Set design and costume design: Lehna Edwall
Mask: Maria Reis
Music: Oskar Cresso
Artists: Regina Baumann, Lisa Angberg, Jacob Westin, Siânna Bruce, Emelie Sandberg, Nilas Kronlid
Project manager: Erik Gullberg (Groundfloor Production)
Production Manager: Emily Thörling (Groundfloor Production)
Production assistant: Rosa Almeida, Patrik Elmnert
Tailor: Piha Hokkanen
Decor painting: Baha Swidan
Communication: Hillevi Berg Niska, Karin Robérts, Henrik Sundin
Photographer: Karolina Henke
Business Manager Art & Production: Lena K Stockhaus
CEO: Elin Norquist
Manufacturing: Independent studio

Peak Experience

Flight Manager: Peter Magnusson
Pilots: Yashar Modiri, Daniel Sjökvist
Crew: Jack Gitagiah
Market team: Willian Hamwi, Frode Altink, Alva Harju Jansson, Junie Johansson, Mats Oosterveld, Pedro Cortes, Leo Westin and Leon Eriksson

City of Stockholm

Coordinator: Carina Larsson

Hosts: Elias von Bahr, Alexandra Linderoth, Agnes Svensson, Sara-Selma Khatib, Ida Stewén, Natalio Torres, Taban Albrznje, Isabelle Klewstigh, Ahmad Albrznje, Gustav Stålstierna, Anthony Säynäjäkoski, Adam Prusinowski, Alice Johannesen, Avian Albrz, Avan Albrz Alexander Paripovic, Minos Papadogiannakis and Gosia Radziejewska

Ground crew Peak Experience:
Pedro Cortes

Ground crew Cirkus Cirkör:
Patrik Elmnert
Rosa Almeida
Frode Altnik

In collaboration with the Stockholm Culture Festival.

Thanks to Magdalena Åberg for the costume design for Circus days and nights.

Pust (Puff) has been inspired by the performance Circus Days and Nights, which is a co-production between Cirkus Cirkör and Malmö Opera.