Artist – Nilas Kronlid

As soon as I stepped into the circus world, I loved it. The training, the performances, the adrenaline and the community, everything was so inspiring.


Nilas Kronlid is a circus artist specialising in teeterboard.

Part of

Artist, Pippi at the Circus (2022)
Artist, Puff (Pust) (2021)
Artist, Limits (2016)


Nilas grew up in Nordingrå in Kramfors but, like many of his industry colleagues, moved to Gävle to start at the circus high school there as a 17-year-old. After high school, he continued his education at Stockholm University of the Arts, in the city where he now also lives.

Since graduating in 2010, Nilas has worked around the world with companies such as Cirque du Soleil, Cirkus Cirkör and MAAGProductions to name a few. Three years ago, he and colleague Manel Rosé formed the company Soon Circus Company. In May 2018, they premiered the show "Gregarious" which to date has been played over 80 times around Europe.

Nilas is the first person in history to perform on three different occasions with acts at the prestigious festival "Festival du Mondial du Cirque de Demain". Two of the performances were also awarded the highest prize, together with the companies "Balagans" and "Scandinavian Boards". You may also have seen Nilas Kronlid here in Sweden in "Elvira Madigan" which was played at Parkteatern 2019.