• What is Banquine?

    Banquine is a discipline belonging to the category of partner acrobatics and requires at least three people. Two individuals act as bases, creating a small platform with their hands, large enough for a third person to stand on. That person is called the flyer. The goal is to collectively toss the flyer into the air to perform various types of somersaults in synchrony. The bases push off, and the flyer jumps. This is the most challenging and crucial moment; everything must be executed precisely, with no room for hesitation. The landing varies and can take different forms. Most commonly, the flyer lands on the human platform feet first, ready to be tossed and jump again, or onto, for example, a three-person high human pyramid.

    Banquine is easily combinable with other disciplines. Some common examples include the flyer jumping from banquine to springboard, vertical rope, or trapeze. There are endless possibilities, and if one needs a stylish and efficient way to lift someone high, banquine is a great tool.

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