Discipline – Handstand

  • What is handstand?

    Handstand is a discipline of balance. An artist can stand on the floor, on blocks, or on a handstand.

    The surface may be mobile, creating an effect of movement even though the artist is stationary. Combining strength, flexibility, and technique, the artist performs spectacular handstand positions on one and two hands. The artist moves up and down in the set design's props, switches hands, and jumps from one hand to another with tempo changes or presses into handstand solely through strength, combined with floor acrobatics or dance.

    Handstand combines other disciplines, such as partner acrobatics, banquine, springboard, and contortion.

    What is needed for handstand?

    • The surface must be stable and clean.
    • Floor area of ​​at least 2 x 2 meters.
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