Circus Life

Your local playground has never been this feral

  • In the summer of 2023, we rode around in a circus wagon with Parkteatern and treated Stockholm's parks with a full-on circus party. The performers flew through the air, juggled and performed stunts like there was no tomorrow. As the Grand Finale, we rolled into Vitabergsparken and unleashed the tame, wild and living cannonball directly on the main stage.

    Circus life has been performed in one guise or another since the turn of the millennium when the circus wagon rolled into Swedish schoolyards and took over the classrooms with week-long madness.

Cast & Crew

  • Medverkande 2023

    On tour in the parks: Anna Saskia Stickler, Jonas Alich, Carlotta Risitano, Johanna Gorzellik and Fabian Kazen Nikolajeff
    Extra artists in Vitabergsparken: David Eriksson, Ethan Law, Jesper Nikolajeff and Belinda Nikolajeff.

    Idea & Artistic Direction: Jesper Nikolajeff
    Costumes & Scenography:
    Saara Ahola
    Music: Fabian Kazen Nikolajeff
    Makeup: Anakin Henke

  • Cast & Crew 2022

    Desiree Holmqvist: cirkusdirektör, luftakrobat
    Douglas Magnusson: jonglör
    Robert Moon Smith: akrobat
    Klara Sköldulf Philipp: lindansare
    Victor Unden: akrobat
    Leon Le Nestour: akrobat
    Anna-Maija Nyman: luftakrobat

    Students from Cirkusgymnasiet:
    Josefine Lindevall
    Sophie Malmberg
    Tuvia Andersson
    Uo Cselenyi
    Selma Berge

    Idea & Artistic Direction: Jesper Nikolajeff
    Graphic Design/Scenography: Karin Robérts
    Costume Design: Jonas Holmqvist
    Circus Tech Design: Bruno Frenette, Jesper Nikolajeff, Ulf Poly Nylin

    Technician: Tove Froste Myrin