Circus life

This summer, our concept Circus Life (Cirkusliv) is finally making a comeback

Every day, before each performance of Pippi at Cirkus, we invite you to a spectacular circus show including acrobats, jugglers and surprises both in the air and on the ground. Circus Life will take place outside Cirkus arena located in Stockholm’s royal park, Djurgården. And we can pretty much promise you that you’ve never seen anything like it!   Everyone is welcome to stop by and check it out!


Concept and artistic direction: Jesper Nikolajeff

Desiree Holmqvist: cirkusdirektör, luftakrobat
Douglas Magnusson: jonglör
Robert Moon Smith: akrobat
Klara Sköldulf Philipp: lindansare
Victor Unden: akrobat
Leon Le Nestour: akrobat

Students from Cirkusgymnasiet:
Josefine Lindevall
Sophie Malmberg
Tuvia Andersson
Uo Cselenyi
Selma Berge
Edvin Broms

Technician: Tove Frost

This summer, Pippi is turning Cirkus arena upside down! World premiere July 1, 2022

Cirkus Cirkör and Björn Ulvaeus present an epic re-imagining of Astrid Lindgren's classic character and her equally classic story about the strongest and bravest among us – Pippi! Get ready for a newly composed musical whirlwind with a, to say the least, dizzying ensemble and flying orchestra that defy the laws of gravity – without a safety net. Here we go!   For 6 weeks only!

”It was the best day of 4th grade. We’ve never had so much fun!”

In 2003, almost 15 000 children in various Swedish cities received unexpected visits from Circus Life (Cirkusliv) – a full-day event with escapades and performances for grades 4-6.

”It was funny when the principal got on stage with Mahatma. When he put the forks up his nose”

When Circus Life arrived, the artists and their crew consisting of musicians, a chef, a driver, guests and friends completely took over the schoolyard, the classrooms and the lunchroom. The students helped set up before the show, which took place at the end of the day. The entire circus party made the schoolyard their home for a day, spent the night there and the following morning moved on to the next school.

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