Artist – Anna Saskia Stickler

Anna Saskia Stickler is a Swedish circus artist specializing in trapeze and slack rope.

Part of

Artist, Extra Everything (2023)
Artist, Circus Life (2023)
Artist, Tangled, 2021)
Artist, Passa in (2019)


Anna Saskia Stickler found her way to the circus when, as a fourteen-year-old, she participated in Cirkus Cirkör's summer camp in Sundsvall. Nine years after the first meeting with the circus, she moved to Stockholm and has since worked with Cirkus Cirkör as a teacher and artist in productions and numerous events.

Anna was educated at the circus school in Lahti, Finland and the Academy For Utæmmet Kreativitet in Copenhagen, specialising in trapeze and slack rope. In addition to Cirkus Cirkör, Anna has worked with companies such as Funnybones Productions, Danskollektivet Ronny and Cirkus Elvira.

"The coolest circus-related thing I’m doing is partner acrobatics with my base Anna Partridge. What makes it so cool is that we are almost the same size, and still, Anna can base me in crazy tricks. That requires a lot of training together and great technique, since nothing will work if we just try to muscle it. Our partnership is one of the things in my career that I’m the most proud of!"