Fit in

Passa in

Three friends in a colorful world are trying to find their own place. Maybe they are different colors or even a mixture of everything?

In Fit in, we get to meet three different characters. Who is who? Surely they are the same? Or are they actually completely different? With the help of aerial acrobatics, line dancing and partner acrobatics, the artists take the audience on a colourful journey that both touches and engages.

Fit in is a breathtaking circus show about cooperation, trust and finding your own place. The show is wordless and works great to play for groups with different language backgrounds.

The show is created by Cirkus Cirkör's educational activities which have more than 20 years of experience working with circus in schools.

Show + workshop = a cultural and physical experience.

Laughter, tingling in the stomach and the feeling of having dared to try something new and having seen tricks they have never seen before. Cirkus de Luxe is an unbeatable combo of seeing a circus show at the highest level and then getting to try the circus yourself! The students meet the artists after the show and get to test creative challenges for both the body and the brain, themselves and in collaboration with others, based on each individual's own conditions.


Artists: Stina Otterström, Arttu Lahtinen, Einar Kling-Odencrants
Set design: Cajsa Lindegren
Costume: Dea Lundström
Koncept: Fanny Senocq