A circus show at the highest level about solidarity, trust and courage to be who you are.

About Tangled

Meet three characters who lift, support and spin each other through the tangles of life.  Sometimes it's confusing but how can we help? Through wire walking, acrobatics and juggling, the artists take you on a circus journey that will get your creativity running and head to start spinning. Who am I without others and what can we achieve together?

The show is wordless and works great to play for groups with different language backgrounds.

Created by Cirkus Cirkör's pedagogical department that haveover 20 years of experience of working with circus in schools.

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Show + workshop = Circus de Luxe

Laughter and belly butterflies: The students meet the artists after the show and get to test creative challenges for both the body and the brain, themselves and in collaboration with others, based on each individual's own conditions.

For more information and to book the show, please contact our educational department.

Linda Petersson

Anna Ekensfors

Tre artister i full fart i ett stort trassel
Trassligt. Foto: Alex Hinchcliffe
En artist hänger i håret
Trassligt. Foto: Alex Hinchcliffe
Trassligt. Foto: Alex Hinchcliffe
Tre artister jonglerar
En artist går koncentrerat på lina
Trassligt. Foto: Alex Hinchcliffe
En artist hänger i ett rep
Trassligt. Foto: Alex Hinchcliffe
Tre artister poserar på händer och på lina
En akrobat håller upp en stor metallställning med en annan akrobat på
En lindansös går ned i spagat på lina
Tre artister kastar upp många garnnystan i luften
Trassligt. Foto: Alex Hinchcliffe
En artist hänger i ett rep
Trassligt. Foto: Alex Hinchcliffe
En akrobat hänger i håret
En artist drar en metallställning med tänderna


Teams touring in 2023:

Team 1:
Matthes Speidel
Isabelle Stigemyr
Rosa Almeida

Team 2:
Lina Isaksson
Annika Frodi-Lundgren
Carlotta Risitano/Håkon Hemmer

Previous artist:
Anna Saskia Stickler
Ben Collis
Elisabeth Künkele
Stina Otterström
Arttu Lahtinen
Carlotta Risitano
Lina Isaksson
Håkon Hemmer
Rosa Almeida


Artistic Direction: Henrik Agger & Louise Bjurholm
Concept & Idea: Alexander Weibel Weibel & Aino Ihanainen
Scenography & Costumes: Saara Ahola & Aino Ihanainen