Artist – Saara Ahola

Saara Ahola is a costume designer, scenographer, and circus artist specialising in aerial acrobatics. She is part of Cirkus Cirkör's artistic advisory board.

Part of

Stage and Costume Designer, Tipping Point (2024)
Stage and Costume Designer, Circus Life (2023)
Artist, Knitting Peace (2023)
Stage and Costume Designer, Tangled (2023)
Assistant director, Circus Days and Nights (2021)
Artist, Limits (2016)
Artist, Borders (2015)


Saara started her circus journey as a child when she began training at Sorin Sirkus in Finland. Since then, she has gained over 10 years of experience as a professional circus artist, scenographer, and costume designer. Her unique perspective as an artist has significantly influenced her artistic work and provided her with a greater understanding of the demands and needs of circus performers.