Artist – Elisabeth Künkele

Elisabeth Künkele is a German partner acrobat.

Part of

Artist, Trassligt (2021)
Artist, Bloom (2019)


Elisabeth is a partner acrobat who originates from Germany. As an active child, she started training circus at a young age at the local Youth Circus and later creating own variety shows with her friends. After trying the regular life and quickly graduating from University with a BA in Environmental Science she returned to the circus life and evolved her circus skills at the International Arts School Beijing later graduating from the School of Circus and Dance (DOCH) in Stockholm.

With us at Cirkus Cirkör, Elisabeth has performed at events, taught circus at our pedagogical department and trained the students at the upper secondary school. She has also performed with Kompani Giraff and Kaaos Kaamos and has her own company Analogue Acrobatics, together with Ben Collis.