Artist – Carlotta Risitano

Carlotta Risitano is an Italian circus artist specializing in wire walking.

Part of

Artist, Extra Everything (2023)
Artist, Circus Life (2023)
Artist, Tangled (2021)


Carlotta started her career as a gymnast at home in Italy. She discovered the circus thanks to some friends who were performing street shows. Carlotta was asked to substitute for an artist and realized she was making people happier with her acrobatic skills. She then decided to make her passion her job.

Carlotta attended the preparatory school Vertigo in Turin and spent one year working and training in Rotterdam. In 2015, she was accepted at Stockholm University of the Arts. After graduating, Carlotta has been performing with different circus cabarets around Europe and has also found her place in the burlesque world. What is unique about her? Her genuine happiness on stage and shameless approach to emotion-sharing.