Discipline – Aerial Trapeze

  • What is trapeze?

    Trapeze is a discipline that belongs to aerial acrobatics. A trapeze looks like a swing, consisting of two ropes hanging from the ceiling and ending with a bar. Through strength and agility, the artist performs positions and tricks under and over the bar. Trapeze can be used both statically and dynamically. Static means that the artist performs tricks in stillness and balance. Dynamic, on the other hand, involves various types of swings with a tempo used to quickly and smoothly transition through different positions, where the artist sometimes lets go of the trapeze entirely only to catch it again.

    A trapeze can be used in many different ways, including dance trapeze, duo trapeze, Washington trapeze, fixed trapeze, flying trapeze, or swinging trapeze.

    What is needed for trapeze?

    • Two rig points.
    • Ceiling height of at least 5 meters.
    • Floor area of at least 2.5 x 2.5 meters.
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