Aerial Acrobatics

  • What is Aerial Acrobatics?

    An aerial acrobat performs tricks using, for example, a trapeze, rope, ring or silk. The tricks can consist of swinging, balancing and moving between different poses.

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  • Aerial acrobatics for the circus nerd

    Aerial acrobatics is acrobatic movements performed in the air using specialized apparatus such as aerial silk, rope, straps, cradle (a type of chair used for catching) or aerial hoop.

    The best-known piece of equipment in aerial acrobatics is the trapeze. Here, too, there are a few different variants:

    • Static trapeze, in which one or more people move on and around the hanging trapeze.
    • Swinging trapeze, in which the trapeze is used as a swing, giving the movements speed and flight.
    • Flying trapeze in which several people are tossed and fly between multiple trapezes and catchers.

    Here, the artists will have different roles or specializations: those called flyers are thrown and caught, and those who catch them are justly called catchers.

  • Foto: Jonas Lindqvist