Artist – Jonas Alich

Circus is my way of communicating with people around me.

Jonas Alich is a German circus artist specialising in diabolo.

Part of

Artist, Extra Everything (2023)
Artist, Circus life (2023)


When I was five years old, my mom got a diabolo as her birthday gift but didn’t know how to play it and gave it to me. I liked it very much, and a year later, my parents signed me up for the youth circus Rambazotti.

Jonas was born in Kassel, in the middle of Germany. After a few years with the youth circus, he started his first solo performances in local variety shows. He graduated from Codarts Circus Arts Rotterdam in 2020 with a bachelor's degree in object manipulation. He has since worked with several circus companies, variety shows and theatres, mainly in Europe.

Jonas' style combines diabolo, juggling and object manipulation with dance and audience participation. He really likes cheesecake.