Artist – Ethan Law

Ethan Law is an American circus artist.

Part of

Artist, Circus Life (2023)


Ethan Law grew up in Wyoming, USA. In 2004 he moved to San Francisco and spent two years under the tutelage of master trainer Lu Yi, former director of the world-renowned Nanjing Acrobatic Troupe. He continued his studies at National Circus School of Montreal, receiving further training in acrobatics, dance and theatre.

Ethan has been based in Canada and Europe for the last couple of decades. Today he resides in Prague, where he's a Cirk La Putyka and Jatka78 resident as both a performer and director. Alongside many directorial, collective and independent projects, past engagements also include Chamaeleon, Cirque de Demain, Young Stage Festival, Palazzo Colombino, Östgotateatern, Friedrichsbau Variete, as well as numerous television and film projects. In 2021 one of his directorial projects Ceska Televize “Late Night Show for Film Nazivo”, won the prestigious Cesky Lev award.

"For me, performance has been a lifelong obsession. Having explored various routes such as break dance, capoeira, and circus arts, a professional career was a natural progression."