Discipline – Partner Acrobatics

  • What is Partner Acrobatics?

    In partner acrobatics, two or more people collaborate in lifting, balancing, throwing and catching each other. We call those who lift "base" and those who are getting lifted "flyers".

    What is needed for partner acrobatics?

    • Ceiling height of at least 6 meters.
    • Floor space of at least 3 x 3 meters.
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  • Partner acrobatics for the circus nerd

    Partner acrobatics forms the foundation of its category. Two acrobats in a pair practice the discipline, divided into a base and a flyer. The base lifts, carries, balances, and throws the other person – the flyer – who is propelled into the air, lifted, and balanced on the base. The base maintains the balance. The flyer's task is to trust the base and tense up to make it easier to balance.

    In static partner acrobatics, the acrobats constantly interact physically. The base balances the flyer on their hands, on their head, or on their shoulders. In dynamic partner acrobatics, the flyer is thrown and performs somersaults in the air to be caught by the base or land on the ground.

    If there are more acrobats, they are divided into pairs, or it involves pyramid acrobatics or banquine, where tall towers can be built, but then a person is required between the base and the flyer—someone who stands on a base but also balances a flyer on themselves. There are also acrobatic collectives where flyers are tossed between bases.

  • Foto: Alex Hinchcliffe