Knitting Peace

Follow the threads to peace in an elegant stage show that marries breathtaking artistry with beautiful live soundtracks.

About Knitting Peace

To build a world takes many strands, complex movements, tangling and untangling. To knit is a promise – an opportunity to create something with optimism, to create order from disorder, to experience peace. 

In Knitting Peace, Cirkus Cirkör explore the possibilities of peace, and how deep focus on collective acts can manifest a reality of peace in the world. 

Enter our knitting circle, where the impossible becomes possible, faith becomes truth and many individual threads weave together to become something powerful. 
Knitting Peace premiered in 2013 in Marseille, and is available to book for touring from 2022.

”An aesthetic whole, a well-composed visual poem, executed with scenic, contemplative calm."



StockholmJune 1 - 12Dansens HusTickets
PragueAugust 14 - 25Letni Letna FestivalTickets
SkellefteåOctober 10 - 11Sara KulturhusTickets


Officiell trailer för Knitting Peace

Is striving for world peace an impossible quest, or can the desire for change create change? Watch the trailer and find out more.


”Breakneck poetry in a homespun world. A charming and sympathetic work where the whole trumps the individual efforts – like stitches in a knitted piece.”

Dagens Nyheter

”An aesthetic whole, a well-composed image poem, executed with scenic, contemplative calm."


Physical skill in combination with beautiful poetry creates fantastic art.

El País

Cast & Crew

Ensemble on tour

Artist – Joana Martinho handstående, livestickning 
Artist – Nathalie Bertholio / Sarah Lett, luftakrobatik, golvakrobatik, roue cyr 
Artist – Mikael Kristiansen handstående, golvakrobatik
Artist – Tiziana Prota / Joana Dias luftakrobatik, sång 
Artist – Alexander Weibel Weibel lindans, balansakrobatik, fiol
Musiker – Samuel ”Looptok” Långbacka stickad livemusik 

Rigger / Technician– Ariellah Winther
Light technician – Fredrik Ekström
Sound technician –Therese Larsson
Tour manager / Stage manager – Vilhelm Montan Lindberg

Creative Team

Director and concept – Tilde Björfors
Composer and sound design – Samuel “Looptok” Långbacka
Set design – Fanny Senocq, Tilde Björfors, Stefan ”Drake” Karlström, Joel Jedström and the ensemble
Knitted set design and knitted costumes: Aino Ihanainen
Costume design – Anna Bonnevier
Mask design: Helena Andersson
Light design: Ulf Englund
Choreographic advisor & artistic coach: Cilla Roos
Scenographic painter and props: Tomas Helsing
Technical coordination and constructions: Joel Jedström
Circus construction: Ulf “Poly” Nylin
Assistant director: Maria Wallin
Assisting light design: Fredrik Ekström
Original cast and co-creators: Aino Ihanainen, Alexander Weibel Weibel,Ilona Jäntti, Jens Engman, Matleena Laine, Niklas Blomberg, Quim Giron