Artist – Antonio Tony Panaro

Antonio Tony Panaro is an Italian circus artist specialising in handstands.

Part of

Artist, Knitting Peace (2013)
Artist, Våga Vakna (2023)


Antonio Tony Panaro was born in 1996 in Italy. When he was eight years old, he started artistic gymnastics, and he continued for eleven years. When he was a gymnast, he was pretty slow learning flips and dynamic skills compared to his teammates. But much better in all the hand balancing and more static moves.

When Antonio was 17, he discovered a youth circus school near home: "Fuma che 'nduma Scuole di Circo". Here his circus life began. Knowing his strong points in gymnastics, it was not difficult for him to choose his primary discipline. From that moment, he also started to hear about the possibility of doing professional education, and once he finished high school, he auditioned for Flic Scuola di Circo in Torino (Italy), and there it was the beginning of his journey to become a circus artist. He studied for two years at Flic and three years at Stockholm University of the Arts, where he graduated in 2020.

Antonio is happiest when he gets to spend a lot of time upside down, balancing on his hands. Aside from the handstands he works with floor– and partner acrobatics as a hand-to-hand flyer.

Antonio has worked in different projects and companies around Europe, such as Fabbrica C (Italy) in the show "Bello!", Right Way Down (Sweden) in the show "Wald in the Open" and Duo Bulldogs with Elaine Briant with the handstand duo act "Engranages".