Artist – Joana Dias

During this knitting journey, I long for a better, united and inclusive world. Step by step I resolve my inner and outer battles and with love I strive for peace.

Joana, in regard to Knitting Peace

Joana Dias is a Portuguese aerial acrobat specialising in the hoop, currently at Cirkus Cirkör with the performance Knitting Peace.

Part of

Artist, Våga vakna (2023)
Artist, Knitting Peace (premiere 2013)


Joana is a Portuguese aerial hoop artist and acrobatic flyer who has lived in the UK for the past decade. Singing, dancing and performing from a young age led her to perform in Portuguese TV programmes, National Ballroom dancing competitions and Musical Theatre. She studied at Chapitô, at prep circus school in Lisbon and graduated from National Centre for Circus Arts in London.