Artist – Tiziana Prota

Peace begins from within ourselves. We can make peace within ourselves, between ourselves and other people.

Tiziana, in regard to Knitting Peace

Tiziana Prota is a circus artist specializing in aerial acrobatics.

Part of

Artist, Knitting Peace (premiere 2013)


Tiziana is a multi-tasked circus performer. She officially started professional training in 2004 in Italy. She attended the circus school “Vertigo” in Turin (Italy), the theatre school "Galante Garrone" (Italy), a professional contemporary dance education with Cie Twain in Rome and graduated in 2010 at Stockholm University of the Arts, with swinging trapeze and loop rope as main disciplines.

Since the beginning of my carreer, I´ve been interested in the diversity of languages that circus involves.  I love mixing different disciplines and to be able to use them in a very free way.  

Tiziana also has a musical education (piano, accordion and trumpet) and a big interest in music.

During the last ten years, Tiziana has been working with some of the biggest companies in Europe and in several artistic projects, such as Cirk Vost (France), Burnt Out Punks (Sweden), Cirque Isis (France), Gynoids Project (Sweden), Louxor Spectacle (France), Cie Gratte-Ciel (France) and more.