Artist – Samuel LoopTok Andersson

Samuel "LoopTok" Andersson is a Swedish musician and composer who has created the music for several of Cirkus Cirkör's performances.

Part of

Musician/composer, Våga vakna (2023)
Musician/composer, God's Disobedient Rib (2019)
Musician/composer, Limits (2016)
Musician/composer, Borders (2015)
Musician/composer, Knitting Peace (2013)


LoopTok's music is easily recognizable in its suggestive mood, looped melodies and combination of electronic sounds, acoustic instruments and vocals. In addition, music and sound worlds are often created live on stage using materials inspired by the themes of the performances: pipes, plastic buckets or balls of yarn.

Read more about LoopTok HERE.