From Fear to Action

The inspirational project From Fear to Action, which accompanied Limits on tour, where local and international zealots and organizations talk about their social work and work in welcoming immigrants to Sweden.

Through From Fear to Action, we wanted to highlight some of the zealots and projects that work to make the way into Swedish society safer, better and more welcoming.

From Fear to Action was co-produced with our venues and designed in a way that suits the challenges and commitment of the region. Each venue selected local organizations that make a difference, from smaller private initiatives to large aid organizations and interest groups.

Examples are the Red Cross, Tillsammans Gör Vi Skillnad (Together We Make a Difference), Gula båtarna (the Yellow Boats), Lighthouse Relief and Hej Främling (Hey Stranger), which conducted a varied range of seminars, art auctions, various types of fundraisers, street parties and try-on activities. Through the partner organizations, we have also distributed a number of free tickets to immigrants before each performance.