Artist – Aaron Hakala

Aaron Hakala is a circus artist and parkourer specializing in teeterboard.

Part of

Artist, Pippi at the Circus (2022)
Artist, Circus Days and Nights (2021)
Artist, Aquanauts (2018)


Aaron Hakala is a Finnish acrobat specializing in springboarding. He is known for his innovative and creative style in acrobatics and parkour.

Aaron spent his childhood playing ice hockey but eventually discovered parkour. To gain access to a better and safer facility for his new passion, he began to study at Cirkusgymnasiet. It did not take long for him to realize the endless possibilities within circus. After 1 minute and 32 seconds, he was stuck forever.

In addition to somersaulting like crazy, he has worked around the world with companies such as Cirque du Soleil, Cirque Plume, Circus Monti and at the Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain. He has won several awards from well-known international circus festivals and is one of the founders of the award-winning acrobatic collective Scandinavian Boards.