Course – Family course

For families who dance on tightropes, do somersaults and juggle in their daily lives.

Will your aunt become queen of the trapeze?

Grow stronger as a family while having loads of fun together! In the Family Circus course, children, young people and adults train together and try all the circus' disciplines – acrobatics and partner acrobatics, juggling, tightwire walking, trapeze and silks. Our skilled circus educators will help you explore how adults and children can carry out circus feats together.

By family we mean loved ones of all kinds!

Mom, dad, grandpa, godmother, aunts, cousins or close friends. We leave it up to you!

These courses are designed for children and adults from 5+ years. The course ends with an open lesson and at the last class of the spring, we invite family and friends to attend a show!

We divide families into groups based on the age of each family’s younger members (from 5 years to older teenagers). If your family does not fit into any of the groups we form, you will choose the group that best suits you.

Here's what we’ll be practicing:

With roots in the Greek words for "walk on toes" and "climb high", acrobatics is one of the foundational circus disciplines. Here, gymnastic feats requiring a high degree of technical skill are executed.

Pair acrobatics
A combination of acrobatics and balance where two or more people lift, balance, throw and catch one another. The performers who do the lifting/catching/carrying, are called bases or catchers; the performers who are lifted/thrown/carried are called flyers.

Juggling is all about throwing and manipulating objects. Many jugglers call themselves "object manipulators". Using their objects, jugglers draw shapes and patterns in the air.

Tightwire is a form of equilibristics, the art of balancing. Within the circus arts, several disciplines are based on balancing skills, of which tightrope is perhaps the one most often associated with the art of equilibrium. Balancing on a rope is combined with acrobatics, advanced step combinations and dance.

Aerial acrobatics
Acrobatics performed in the air using equipment such as a trapeze, ropes/wires or silks.

What do we mean by “family”?

At least one adult and one child attending together, who sign up simultaneously. Each participant is booked separately, and the course fee is per person, regardless of whether you are an adult or a child. The adult must book a spot for themselves for “the family” to be considered registered. To be allowed to start the Family Circus course, the child must be 5 years old or turn 5 no more than one month after the course begins.

Course fee and insurance

There are 12 training sessions per semester. The course fee includes basic insurance. An administrative fee of SEK 9-59 is also added to the invoice. As with all our courses, we reserve the right to cancel the course if there are not enough participants or due to a lack of educators or practice facilities.

To be able to book this course, you must become a member of Cirkus Cirkör ideell förening (non-profit association), which, among other things, means you will receive Cirkör's newsletter. Membership costs SEK 50 per year and is automatically added to your invoice.

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