Foto: Frans Hällqvist


Cirkör's anniversary performance pays tribute to the circus pioneers of history while at the same time directing the spotlight on migrants' life-threatening escape across the Mediterranean. The result: Contemporary circus activism. Premiere: 2015.

  • For the 20th anniversary of Cirkus Cirkör's inception, Malmö Opera commissioned a new work to celebrate our history of genre-bending, border-blurring artistry.

    Contemporary circus is an art form that moves without borders between continents, nationalities, disciplines and conventions. Circus is a performance art – but it can also be a vehicle to tell real stories and amplify real voices when others choose to ignore them.

    In Borders, we chose to spotlight the stories and voices of people in flux, risking their lives to traverse dangerous routes in search of safety. Yes, we will celebrate – but not just Cirkör's 20 years – we will celebrate the endurance, passion and hope of humans. Join us on a spectacular journey, with live music, colourful scenery and riotous risks – and try not to look away.

    People who risk everything in the search for a better life meet people who have dedicated their entire lives to taking risks and pushing boundaries. In Borders, different kinds of risk-taking meet when circus and migration are woven together.

"The political message is clear, and Cirkus Cirkör does not hesitate to expose the powers that be."


"... a peculiar fireworks-display of strong stage poetry about human vulnerability in search of a better life "


An embrace full of joy mixed with a couple of fistfuls of indignation and voila, a new genre is born:  contemporary circus activism.


Ensemble & Crew

  • Ensemble

    Artist: Alexander Weibel-Weibel
    Artist: Esmeralda Nikolajeff
    Artist: Jan Unestam
    Artist: Jesper Nikolajeff
    Artist: Mira Leonard
    Artist: Peter Åberg
    Artist: Saara Ahola
    Artist: Estiven Quinones Gonzalez
    Artist: Tatiana-Mosia Bongonga.
    Actor: Hans-Peter Edh
    Actor: Jennifer Amaka-Pettersson
    Actor: Mari Götesdotter
    Actor: Simon Rodriques Strömberg
    Actor: Sven Boräng.
    Live music/vocals: Maja Långbacka, Samuel Andersson.

  • Creative Team

    Concept, Story and Direction: Tilde Björfors
    Composer, Musician and Sound Design: Samuel “LoopTok” Andersson
    Singer, Musician, Choir Leader: Maja Långbacka
    Choreographer: Olle Strandberg
    Set Design: Fanny Senocq
    Costume Design: Jonna Bergelin
    Script Writer: Kajsa Bohlin
    Lighting Design: Daniel Kullman
    Video Scenography and Projections: Johannes Ferm Winkler, Per Rydnert, Tom Waldton
    Make-up Design: Åsa Trulsson
    Choreographer Support: Ilona Jäntti
    Dramatic Advisor: Anna Kölén
    Researcher: Pinja Lehtonen
    Producer, Malmö Stadsteater: Jerker Pyron
    Producer, Cirkus Cirkör: Sara de Vylder
    Technical Producer, Cirkus Cirkör: Stefan Karlström
    Assistant Director: Maria Wallin
    Stage Manager: Kattis Blanking

    A co-production with Malmö Stadsteater.