Våga vakna

A story of collective strength

  • For more than ten years, there has been a global knitting movement that strives for peace through its activism. Knitters worldwide have brought contemporary issues forward through yarn and knitting needles. In this piece, some of these voices for change and humanity are reflected.

    “Våga vakna” is a performance that strives to bring together global issues around peace and empathy and urge viewers to manage. Via live music, aerial and balance acrobatics and video works, a visual world is created where the artists tackle questions on a micro and macro level about a kinder and more sustainable world.

    “Våga vakna” is an independent work inspired by Cirkör's touring performance Knitting Peace.

Cast & Crew

  • A worldwide peace movement

    The call to knit "We knit for Peace" has engaged and met peace knitters worldwide. The number of knittings they have sent us is overwhelming—it is clear that the combination of circus, striving, and knitting has grown into a movement of its own.

  • Foto: John Carlsson