Trådar & Glas

Threads connect, threads repair and threads tangle. Glass can crash, glass can clank and glass can clink.

  • Trådar and Glas are two performing arts experiences beyond the ordinary. We meet jugglers, acrobats and clowns in a vivid video scenography. To chamber music by composers from the Baltic Sea region, our minds are expanded in two magical circus concerts for all people aged 3–100 years.

    Trådar (threads)

    Threads connect, threads repair and threads tangle. Threads can also become ropes to balance on or strings to play on. Cirkus Cirkör's poetic acrobatics and the Baltic Sea composers' chamber music meet in a playful and subtle performance where knittings from all over the world convey a message of peace.

    Glas (glass)

    Glass can crash, glass can clank and glass can clink. The most brittle glass can carry a whole person's weight. In a shimmering and clear world of beautiful crystal glass, broken glass, and sharp edges, Cirkus Cirkör's artists hover in a balancing act between the strong and the fragile. Machine meets body and with the help of playful video projections, we are taken on a flight.

Cast & Crew

  • Creative Team

    Idea & artistic direction: Tilde Björfors and Alexander Weibel Weibel
    Costume design: Matilda Hyttsten
    Video projections: Johannes Ferm Winkler
    Scenography: From the performance "Kras" (Dramaten, 2018) by Fridjon Rafnsson

  • Ensemble

    Artists in "Trådar":Marina Cherry, Gustaf Rosell and Baha Swidan
    Artists in "Glas": Marina Cherry, Gustaf Rosell and Stina Otterström


  • Trådar

    Andrea Tarrodi: 12 Pieces for Piano, no 11 and no 10 
    Tebogo Monnakgotla: Toys
    Kaija Saariaho: Cloud Trio, sats II 
    Cecilia Damström: Piano Delirium
    Zita Bruzaite: Dance in Red

  • Glas

    Indra Rise: 3 Romantic Songs; My Songs
    Indra Rise: String Quartet, Allegro fuoco
    Indra Rise: 3 Romantic Songs; In the Forest
    Maria Lithell-Flyg: The Thin Line Between Sorrow and Joy
    Elena Kats-Chernin: Fast Blue Village
    Bohdana Frolyak: V. Postludium från Partita-Meditation