Inside Out

A guided tour of the human body, accompanied by dynamic circus artists and a rocking, on-stage band.

Inside Out

The circus artists play the roles of various body parts such as blood cells and protoplasmas. This enlightening and creative juxtaposition brings an interpretive magic to the gorgeous imagery of live performers together with footage of the human body.

The audience will imagine what it might be like to be a strand of DNA or a red blood cell surging along the superhighway of veins and arteries. Incredible acrobats deliver raw energy to these interpretations as they challenge the laws of physics.  All of this is done to the sounds of a killer rock band, creating music inspired by the sounds of our bodies. The music becomes the soundtrack of our lifeforce as the artists persist in their quest for secrets of the human body.  The performance is delivered with the poetic sensualism and ironic humor that defines the Cirkus Cirkör aesthetic.

Magic, love and circus

Inside Out was a phenomenal hit in Stockholm and became one in a row of Cirkus Cirkör productions to tour extensively abroad. Featuring acrobatic circus artists and an on-stage rock band


På scen:

Anna Lagerkvist
Andreas Falk
Wes Peden
Mirja Jauhiainen
Sanna Kopra
Angela Wand
Fefe Deijfen

Irya’s Playground:
Irya Gmeyner (vocals)
Pange Öberg (bass)
Erik Nilsson (drums)
Jon Bergström/David Calgaro (guitar)
Ludvig Rylander (keyboard)

Creative team

Concept and direction:  Tilde Björfors 
Music and lyrics:  Irya Gmeyner and Pange Öberg 
Set design and costume design:  Sigyn Stenqvist 
Abstract costume sculptural construction:  Lina B. Frank 
Circus cript and dramaturgy:  Mia Winge 
Choreography:  Dag Andersson 
Circus construction:  Ulf Poly Nylin 
Lighting design:  Jenny Larsson 
Circus choreography:  Christian ”Vippen” Vilppola 
Mask:  Helena Andersson