Pippi at the Cirkus

  • Take Sweden's most famous, bravest and strongest literary icon. Add to that one of the world's most spectacular circus companies - Cirkus Cirkör - and newly written song lyrics by Björn Ulvaeus. The result is a great remake of Astrid Lindgren's classic character and equally classic story.

    Get ready to see Pippi as you've never seen her in a newly written, sensational circus musical. Welcome to experience a gravity-defying whirlwind without safety nets, starring a dizzying ensemble and colorful orchestra. Join in!

    Together Björn Ulvaeus, Maria Blom and Tilde Björfors have written the show's script, which is based on Astrid Lindgren's story about when Pippi, Tommy, and Annika went to the circus and met the circus princess Miss Carmencita, the line dancer Elvira and the world's strongest man Strong Man Adolf. Magdalena Åberg created the show's scenography and costume design, and Maria Löfgren co-directed together with Tilde.

  • New songs by Björn Ulvaeus

    In the performance, you'll hear newly written songs and new lyrics to instrumentals by Benny Andersson, Vladimir Shainsky and Ángel G. Villoldo.

Like millions of other Swedes over the age of 2, I love Pippi Longstocking. In one of Astrid Lindgren’s stories, she goes to Circus with Annika and Tommy, and that story has inspired a newly written musical, which I have created together with a real circus company, the fantastic Cirkus Cirkör, and a lot of other talented people. In our show, Pippi is as she always is, although also a little different. We have interpreted what is between the lines in Astrid’s texts, and given it musical form.

Welcome to Circus this summer, we have given the ring a good rake!

Björn Ulvaeus

An endlessly eventful and astonishingly cool circus show with extra everything.

Svenska Dagbladet

It is the music and the circus arts that drive everything forward. There are acrobats, people who walk on ropes, bounce on trampolines, sometimes one of the musicians also plays high up in the air.


Towards the end, the euphoria is total. The audience jumps in the bench rows.


Having Cirkus Cirkör's multi-talented new circus artists meet Pippi Longstocking is a stroke of luck, as is letting the music and the excellent circus orchestra play a leading role. It's swinging in the ring!

Svenska Dagbladet

Cast & Crew

  • Ensemble 2023

    Pippi: Ida Breimo
    The Circus Manager: Linda Ohlsson/Angela Wand
    Prusseluskan: Anna Lagerkvist
    Kling: Henrik Agger
    Klang: Douglas Magnusson
    Pierre: Petter Wadsten
    Canon ball: Nikolas Pulka
    Carmencita: Sara Sanchez Runsten
    Strong man Adolf: Axel Ahl
    Elvira & Miss Oopsie: Lisa Angberg
    Henry 1: Joel Roxendal
    Henry 2: Lukas Ivanow
    Tommy: Emil Lindgren/Jonathan Kvapil/Einar Alvarado Lönberg
    Annika: Elora Schaaf/Lovisa Johansson/Maja Söderström

    Orchestra 2023

    Drums, percussion, vocals: Per Svenner/Edvin Fridolfsson
    Contrabass, electric bass, vocals, keyboard: Christopher Ek
    Violin, vocals: Anna Rodell
    Accordion, keyboard, harmonica, vocals: Axel Wettebrand
    Vocals, guitar: Mija Folkesson/Maria Almlöv

    Understudies 2023

    Pippi & Prussilusskan: Lovisa Svensson
    Strong man Adolf & Pierre: Peter Åberg
    Carmencita & Elvira: Sanna Kopra
    Contrabass, electric bass, vocals, keyboard: Karl Bernard Josephsson
    Vocals, guitar: Natasja Dlusewska

    Ensemble 2022

    Pippi: Ida Breimo
    Pippi understudy: Lovisa Svensson
    Ringmaster: Angela Wand
    Prussiluskan: Anna Lagerkvist
    Kling: Henrik Agger
    Klang: Hamadi Khemiri
    Klang: Aaron Hakala
    The Juggler/Pierre: Petter Wadsten
    Carmencita: Sara Sanchez Runsten
    Strong Adolf: Axel Ahl
    Elvira: Lisa Angberg
    Henry 1: Nilas Kronlid
    Henry 2: Lukas Ivanow
    Tommy: Axel Adelöw
    Tommy: Jack Bergenholtz Henriksson
    Tommy: Oscar Svensson
    Annika: Estrid Henricson
    Annika: Leah Nyström
    Annika: Siri Öhman
    Annika: Benthe Börjesson Liebert

    Orchestra 2022

    Drums, percussion, xylophone, marimba, vocals: Per Svenner
    Contrabass, vocals, keyboard: Christopher Ek
    Guitar, violin, contrabass, vocals: Matilda Fritzell
    Accordion, keyboard, trumpet, harmonica, vocals: Albin Grahn
    Vocals, guitar, flute: Mija Folkesson

  • Creative Team

    Lyrics/Music/Script: Björn Ulvaeus
    Circus Direction/Script: Tilde Björfors
    Script: Maria Blom
    Artistic Direction 2023: Roine Söderlundh
    Direction 2022: Maria Löfgren
    Scenography/Costume design: Magdalena Åberg
    Wigmaker/Mask: Theresia Frisk
    Musical Director: Mathias Venge
    Sound Design: Mathias Winther
    Light Design: Ellen Ruge
    Light assistant: Robert Hvenström
    Technical Circus Design: Jesper Nikolajeff
    Technical Circus Design: Ulf Poly Nylin
    Props: Sara Selander
    Mask assistant: Cais-Marie Björnlod
    Choreographer: Ambra Succi
    Stage Manager: Andréa Fleischer
    Playwright: Gertrud Larsson
    Direction assistant: Camilla Hammarström
    Costume assistant: Barbro Lennartsdotter Söderholm

    Production 2022

    Creative Producer: Patrik Krall
    Executive Producer: Björn Ulvaeus
    Project Manager: Johanna Micski
    Production Coordinator: Cornelia Karlsson
    Technical Coordinator: Anders Amrén
    Commercial Director: Åsa Nathell
    Marketing: Lisa Wadell
    Financial: Jeremy Evans
    PR: Stephanie Bonn
    Astrid Lindgren AB: Malin Billing
    Ticketing Manager: Emilie Strandberg