Artist – Sara Sanchez Runsten

Sara Sanchez Runsten is a circus artist specializing in partner acrobatics.

Part of

Artist, Pippi at the Circus (2022)


On a daily basis, Sara works in a duo as a partner acrobat together with her base, life partner and colleague Axel Ahl.

For Sara, her circus career began early. Already as a 13-year-old, she joined Cirkus Cirkör's youth group Ung Cirkör and then she went on to Cirkusgymnasiet. She also has a degree in dance, a bachelor's degree in contemporary circus and she has taken several courses at the Stockholm University of Performing Arts.

Sara has worked for Cirkus Cirkör for many years. Mainly as an artist in educational shows and at various events, but also as an educator. She has done many tours of Sweden and worked voluntarily as an artist in both Greece and Palestine for Clowns without Borders. In addition to this, she has participated as a dancer in several dance productions and directed two circus performances. For the past ten years, she has also worked as a model and actress in various productions in film and advertising.

Today, Sara and three friends run their own company called Below Zero.