Artist – Sara Sanchez Runsten

Sara Sanchez Runsten is a circus artist specialising in partner acrobatics.

Part of

Artist, Pippi at the Circus (2022)


Sara Sanchez Runsten plays the flying acrobat Carmencita in Pippi at the Circus. In her everyday life, Sara works in a duo as a partner acrobat together with her base, life partner and colleague Axel Ahl. Axel has the role of underman and Sara is his flyer. As a flyer, she is being balanced, tossed, spun and caught by her underman and that requires trust in him more than anything else. If she falls, she has to trust him to catch her.

Sara started training circus at 13 years old with Cirkus Cirkör's youth group Ung Cirkör and knew immediately that she had found the right place. After that, the path to professional life went straight through Cirkus Cirkör's Cirkusgymnasiet and Stockholm University of the Arts.

Sara has subsequently worked as a freelance circus artist at events and in productions for, among others, Cirkus Cirkör, Kompani Giraff and the Gothenburg Opera. Since 2018, she also runs her own company, Below Zero, together with three other circus performers.