Artist – Axel Ahl

Dalarna's cultural focus characterized my childhood and I'm sure it contributed to who I am today. Not far from my home village is Siljansnäs, another village in Leksand where the world's strongest man was born about 150 years ago. Siljansnäs-Anders is a great legend in the village, his great displays of strength meant, among other things, that he lifted a horse with his teeth (!). So I feel that I have a lot to live up to now when I shoulder the role of the world's strongest man; Strong man Adolf.

Axel, talking about Pippi at the Circus

Axel Ahl is a circus artist specializing in partner acrobatics.

Part of

Artist, Pippi at the Circus (2022)


No Pippi at the Circus without Strong Man Adolf, and the guy who got the honour to shoulder the role is called Axel Ahl. On a daily basis, Axel works as a base in partner acrobatics, which means that he lifts, balances, throws and catches his flyer.

In Axel's case, the flyer's name is Sara Sanchez Runsten, who in Pippi at the Circus plays the flying acrobat Carmencita. She is not only his colleague but also his partner in everyday life. Together they train, work and live together.

In addition, Axel and Sara together with two other circus artists run their own circus company called Below Zero, which is currently touring with their first show Pace. Axel lives today in Stuvsta in Huddinge but has his roots in Leksand, Dalarna. More specifically, the small village of Storsjöboo.