Where there is movement, there is hope. Go on a challenging, inspiring journey with us as we bring real stories back into motion. Premiere: 2017.


Movements follows the real journeys of displaced people who arrived in Malmö during the autumn of 2015 and the volunteers who were there to greet them.

In a touching, sensitive work, Movements uses acrobatics, storytelling and physical theatre to explore the human connection in extreme times. It is a tale of how taking a pause can puncture a commitment – and how these moments can create a void where fear, distrust and division can grow.

An expressive, colourful soundtrack was created and performed alongside the performance by composer Irya Gmeyner. The original cast formed a truly multicultural group, with performers from Afghan, Austrian, Czech, English, Iranian, Iraqi, Palestinian, Swedish, Syrian and Turkish origins.

Grim and beautiful when stories from escape take place on stage

As long as we can move, we live. Jump into the action and stories in the trailer for the show Movements.


Circus as a counter-force. Artistry that warms and awakens the audience


The testimonies of the refugees comes alive in physical poetry


A hopeful journey towards a better world.

Skånska Dagbladet

Ensemble & Crew

Premiere at Hipp 5 May 2017
Movements was a co-production between Malmö Stadsteater and Cirkus Cirkör

Tom Ahlsell
Helen Al-Janabi
Nedal Alsuoaf
David Eriksson
Irya Gmeyner
Javid Heidari
Oldoz Javidi
Nasreen Larsson Al-Janabi
Karin Lithman
Ibraheem Manaem
Ashtar Muallem
Johannes Wanselow
Fadi Zmorrod

Director: Tilde Björfors
Conception: Tilde Björfors, the Creative team and the ensemble
Text Alexandra Loonin
Composer Irya Gmeyner
Co-composer Povel Olsson
Set design Fridjon Rafnsson and Fanny Senocq
Costume design Fridjon Rafnsson
Lighting design Sven-Erik Andersson
Make-up design Agneta von Gegerfelt
Technical coordination and constructions:  Joel Jedström
Technica coordinator and fire expert: Jesper Nikolajeff
Dramatic advisor: Anna Kölén