God’s Disobedient Rib

See the other side of the Bible. The unwritten story of women during the birth of Christianity is uncovered in this dramatic, uproarious circus show. Premiere: 2019.

God's Disobedient Rib

According to the Bible, the first woman was formed from a rib bone from the first man – and that was just the start of the problems.

Through the eyes of acclaimed journalist and author Gunilla Thorgren, we take a different look at the stories in the Bible, and uncover a second story – the story of women. With dazzling aerial sequences, terrifying illusions and hilarious commentary, we traverse through the history of the religious text. 

Confront a millennium of misogyny and oppression, and the unrelenting resistance against it – with Thorgren's signature feminist humour as your guide.


A journey through thousands of years of misogyny

In God's disobedient ribs, we follow along as Gunilla Thorgren reads the Bible with feminist glasses. It is an absurd, funny and horror-filled adventure from ancient times to Martin Luther. Join in the search for women's roles and voices, which have not previously been allowed to come forward. How many of the issues we wrestle with today have their origins in the Bible?


We get to see dramatic, acrobatic plundering; the condemnation of women's sexuality symbolically depicted on a Chinese pole; and beautiful acts that lift significant, historical women's figures.


Circus attacks the church view of women.


Dazzling effects and heavenly rope tricks.


Cast and crew

God’s disobedient rib is a co-production with Cirkus Cirkör, the Royal Dramatic Theatre and Malmö City Theatre.

Karoline Aamås
Sven Boräng
Ellen Jelinek
Michael Jonsson
Hamadi Khemiri
Elin Klinga
Anna Lagerkvist
Cecilia Lindqvist
Fouzia "Fofo" Rakez
Marilén Ribot
Methinee Wongtrakoon

Creative team
Directed by: Tilde Björfors
Adaptation: Lærke Reddersen
Playwright: Martina Montelius
Music by: Samuel "LoopTok" Andersson
Set design: Fridjon Rafnsson
Costume: Anna Heymowska
Lights: Patrik Angestav
Mask: Lena Strandmark
Directors support: Maria Löfgren

First performance: March 21, 2019 at the Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm