Foto: Sara P Borgström

God's Disobedient Rib

See the other side of the Bible. The unwritten story of women during the birth of Christianity is uncovered in this dramatic, uproarious circus show. Premiere: 2019.

  • According to the Bible, the first woman was formed from a rib bone of the first man—and that was just the start of the problems.

    Through the eyes of acclaimed journalist and author Gunilla Thorgren, we take a different look at the stories in the Bible and uncover a second story – the story of women. With dazzling aerial sequences, terrifying illusions and hilarious commentary, we traverse through the history of the religious text. Confront a millennium of misogyny and oppression and the unrelenting resistance against it – with Thorgren's signature feminist humour as your guide.

    In God's disobedient ribs, we follow along as Gunilla Thorgren reads the Bible with feminist glasses. It is an absurd, funny, horror-filled adventure from ancient times to Martin Luther. Join in the search for women's roles and voices, which have not previously been allowed to come forward. How many of the issues we wrestle with today have their origins in the Bible?

  • How a book about feminism and the Bible became a hit show

    Watch the short documentary (in Swedish) about God's Disobedient Rib.

We get to see dramatic, acrobatic plundering; the condemnation of women's sexuality symbolically depicted on a Chinese pole; and beautiful acts that lift significant, historical women's figures.


Circus attacks the church view of women.


Dazzling effects and heavenly rope tricks.


Cast and crew

  • Creative Team

    By Gunilla Thorgren
    Stage Version & Direction: Tilde Björfors
    Dramatization: Lærke Reddersen, Martina Montelius
    Scenography: Fridjon Rafnsson
    Costume: Anna Heymowska
    Lighting: Patrik Angestav
    Music and Sound Design: Samuel “Looptok” Andersson
    Wig and Makeup: Lena Strandmark, Marie-Louise Hellberg
    Choreography: John Simon Wiborn, Methinee Wongtrakoon
    Circus Director: Jesper Nikolajeff
    Dramaturg: Anna Kölén, Jacob Hirdwall
    Text Dramaturg: Gunilla Thorgren


    Gunilla: Cecilia Lindqvist
    Adam/Pope/Levi/Martin Luther: Sven Boräng
    Eva/Karen L King/Hildegard of Bingen/Katharina Zell: Ellen Jelinek
    The Serpent/The Old Man/Peter/Constantine the Great/Jesus: Michael Jonsson
    The Theologian/Disciple/Saint Bridget: Elin Klinga
    The Concubine/Christine De Pizan: Methinee Wongtrakoon
    Inanna/Virgin Mary: Marilen Ribot Estelrich
    Virgin Mary/Abbess: Fouzia Rakez
    Jesus/Enki/Robert of Sorbonne: Hamadi Khemiri
    Mary Magdalene: Karoline Aamås
    Guglielma/Spokeswoman of the Beguines: Anna Lagerkvist


    CEO: Anders Frennberg
    Producer: Anna Ljungqvist
    Technical Producer: Stefan Karlström
    Marketer: Henrik Sundin
    Director's Support: Maria Löfgren

  • Malmö stadsteater

    Stage Manager: Kattis Blanking, Kristian Larsson
    Prompter: Josefina Johansson
    Stage Master: Pontus Karlsson
    Assistant Stage Masters: Henrik Gandsjö, Ida Hemlin
    Props Master: Linda Täck
    Sound Technicians: Jonathan Flygare, Harald Gagge
    Lighting Manager: Sven-Erik Andersson
    Lighting Technicians: Johanna Lindborg, Robert Claesson
    Video Technician: Jimmy Nilsson
    Dressers: Lovisa Meeuwisse, Malin Cederberg
    Makeup Artists: Åsa Trulsson, Robin Davidsson
    Producer: Jerker Pyron
    Marketing Manager: Jenny Bång
    Communicators: Carin Hebelius, Elias Lanninge, Erik Roman
    Sales Manager: David Ringqvist
    Salesperson: Sofie Åström
    Service Manager: Inger Börjesson
    Program Layout: Isabel De Jounge
    Acting Technical Manager: Paola Billberg Johansson
    Chief Producer: Lisa Ericstam
    Lighting Manager: Sven-Erik Andersson
    Head of Costume Services: Gyöngyi Balazs
    Chief Financial Officer: Leif Jönsson
    Cleaning Manager: Linda Lövgren
    Chief Assistant: Agneta Nessrup
    Theatre Director: Kitte Wagner


    Dramaturg: Anna Kölén, Jacob Hirdwall
    Text Dramaturg: Gunilla Thorgren
    Rigger: Axel Immler
    Stage Manager: Tomas Wennerberg
    Prompter: Ida Dåverstam
    Assistant Director: Henrik Johansson
    Stage Manager: Stephanie Burberry
    Assistant Stage Manager: Niklas Ney
    Lighting Coordinator: Patrik Angestav
    Theatre Technician (Lighting Board): Janne Pihlaja
    Theatre Technician (Sound): Hella Collett
    B-Sound: Gustav Hällegårdh
    Theatre Technician (Properties): Pia Gustafsson Olsson
    Theatre Technician (Stage): Love Dahlstedt, Tomas Karlsson
    Theatre Technician (Lighting): Adam James
    Props Masters: Anders Colliander, Lotta Wallin
    Dressers: Michaela Carlsson, Maria Andersson
    Play Representative (Communication): Erik Gripenholm
    Play Assistant (Carpentry): Johan Norin
    Play Assistant (Painting): David Murua
    Play Assistant (Properties): Hanna Pettersson
    Play Assistant (Upholstery): Susanne Granehag Riismark
    Cutters: Brita Silfwerbrand, Mikael Mohlin
    Play Assistant (Costume): Kerstin Jeppson
    Voice Coach: EwaMaria Roos
    Producer: Felicia Moritz Malmcrona

    In addition to LoopTok's music with vocals by Maja Långbacka, music by: Jenny Wilson, Le Mystere Des Voix Bulgares, Hildegard von Bingen
    Recorded Voice: Thomas Hanzon

    The performance is produced at Dramaten. Sets, costumes, masks, and wigs are made in Dramaten's workshops.

    "God’s Disobedient Rib" is a co-production between Dramaten, Circus Cirkör, and Malmö City Theater. The world premiere took place on March 21, 2019, on Dramaten’s main stage.